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Meghan A. Scully October 30, 2014Teaching Students At-RiskImproving Comprehension While ReadingProviding effective literacy instruction to struggling and at-risk students is a critical condition in today's educational institutions. The At-Risk Institute (U.S. Department of Education, 1998) reported that students were at risk of educational failure because of limited English proficiency, poverty, economic disadvantage, or specific race or geographic location. Children who do not read well are more likely to be retained a grade in school, drop out of high school, become a teen parent, or enter the juvenile justice system. Mainstream views hold that academic deficiencies are primar ...view middle of the document...

Reading comprehension is a pillar of academic success as it is needed for understanding of all content area subjects. There are a variety of strategies that can be used with elementary school aged children to increase student achievement in the area of reading comprehension. These strategies include activating prior knowledge, utilizing the Assisted Reading Method to model reading behaviors in a fading approach. Another important strategy that can impact a student's literacy success is allowing them to read for pleasure and encouraging them to become engage readers. These strategies can be useful for developing successful instructional procedures to teach elementary students and build reading skills. [4: Brownell, 2000; and Brooks, 1997]Prior knowledge is generally defined as the sum of an individual's previous learning and experiences. Research tells us that learning is enhanced when new information is integrated with the learner's existing knowledge. The connection between an individual's prior knowledge and reading comprehension has been clearly established and can have a significant impact on their success in a classroom. Students often profit from guidance and support as they access their background experiences related to the information in a reading selection.To increase comprehension among students, specifically students at-risk, there are effective strategies to activate prior knowledge, allowing students to prepare for taking in new information.[5: Adams and Bertram 1980; Rumelhart 1980.][6: Carbo, Marie; Educating Everybody's Children: Diverse Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners]In Educating Everybody's Children: Diverse Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners, Robert Cole suggests a few effective strategies that promote reading comprehension. He suggests teachers should ask students to draw on their personal experiences, inviting them to think about how they connect to a specific topic through their life experiences (p.110). To effectively do this, a teacher should use pictures, graphics, objects, books, or media clips. Using images and objects engages students, forcing them to think about each item and either remember a connection or begin to develop questions about the topic if they have little experience with it. Activating prior knowledge with visuals and objects is a great way to engage, center, and promote future learning.This strategy can be used across grade levels and content areas. Specifically looking at this approach in fourth grade classroom, it can be noted as an effective practice. When beginning a unit on Iroquois and Algonquian Native Americans a teacher may look at the vocabulary in the unit and decide to proactively provide activating activities that would promote vocabulary acquisition to increase the comprehension of the content. The teacher could up an artifact dig where students uncover a variety of materials that may have been used by Native Americans. Students could explore these materials, brainstorm...


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1919 words - 8 pages //u//g/, has mastered phoneme segmentation and is likely to benefit from phonics instruction and be successful in learning how to read.Good Phonics Instruction Is ExplicitPhonics instruction must be explicit-taught directly, actively, and clearly-and practiced until the content is mastered. Reading programs that focus on implicit or discovery methods of learning are less efficient, especially for children at risk for reading difficulties. Programs

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1540 words - 7 pages Free comprehend--in solid chunks of words-this reader will be less likely to forget key points or get distracted, boosting comprehension. Eric W. Robelen (May 27th, 2008) Stanford University, the study comes as a growing number of school districts and charter schools around the country are experimenting with reading programs in the hope of improving student learning and behavior. The analysis suggests that incentive programs may well be a cost

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1109 words - 5 pages read aloud from a grade-level passage for 1 minute. PSI (Phonics Screener for Intervention) The PSI is a Tier III progress monitoring tool that is used to further pinpoint deficit skills and to determine where instruction of skills should begin. It can also be used to monitor progress as instruction is given. X X It was an interesting task to look a much closer at assessments that are used to collect and determine student growth in my current

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943 words - 4 pages health care and society as a whole, since habits developed at a young age often stick with people for life. If the point of view is considered that roles of a teacher includes improving student’s conditions and equipping them with skills to make good decisions throughout life, incorporating nutritional skills into all curriculums is critical. Nutrition is a unifying thing that everybody needs to live and has to obtain it from drinking and eating

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1164 words - 5 pages Free studying a dictionary. Some other study skills include; learning what to listen for in that language and the pronunciation of words, practice speaking, reading, and writing (“How to Study”.) It all depends on how a person learns, but every person should take their time when trying to learn a new language. In all spoken languages, sound is key for communication. According to Mark Manson, no matter what language a person has decided to learn, it

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1423 words - 6 pages mechanically memorize the discrimination, it is neither real reading nor does it result in the knowledge of the object to which the text refers" (Freire 284). When a teacher gives a reading assignment, the students that read to memorize the text likely do not gain the significance of what that literary work contextually attempted to deliver, nor is it necessarily understood by the reader. If a student was really taught the significance and meaning of

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2294 words - 10 pages approaches in line with student preferences.IntroductionToday, the number of international students studying at English language schools in Australia is increasing rapidly month by month. For effective English learning, both learner skills and attitudes should be considered. Students should be provided with the opportunity to assess their English learning preferences.During the past decade, several studies have been conducted on language learning


2067 words - 9 pages skills in order to solve problems, or to determine what comes next in an activity. There are many different types of concept maps for instructors to use. One concept map is called the Frayer Model. This map allows the instructor to come up with a topic. The student will need to use critical thinking in order to come up with examples and non-examples of that topic and how that topic positively and negatively relates to the real world. Concept maps

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3594 words - 15 pages level) and what can be accomplished with the assistance of a competent adult or peer (instructional level)” (Ellis, Larkin, Worthington, n.d. Principle 5, Research section, para.1). Vygotsky believed that any child could be taught any subject effectively using scaffolding techniques by applying the scaffolds at the ZPD. “Teachers activate this zone when they teach students concepts that are just above their current skills and knowledge level

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817 words - 4 pages him the skills to escape the poverty, and the foster homes. He is trying to achieve his goals through education, by asking his teacher Alice to help him and teach him to write. However, Alice knew that Calvin reading was equal to fifth grader and that he was just another student drifting through her overcrowded classroom. Calvin was a student who felt that he was being robbed, robbed from the educational perspective, because he felt he wasn’t

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545 words - 3 pages . In three of the studies an improvement was seen in writing and vocabulary skills, while yet another study showed an increase in the student's comprehension skills (Lacina, 2008). The increase in skills improvements comes from the student's ability to use podcasts using their iPods, "a video or audio file that has been posted onto the internet for the student to download at a later time to their iPod" (Now We Are Talking).Implication of FindingsIn

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1653 words - 7 pages tests are used for a grade, they also inform teachers of skills that need reinforced or retaught, as well as what skills individual students are struggling or excelling at. Each teacher keeps a binder with summative assessment results and current data from iReady, PALs, and the Reading Street benchmarks. We use this to determine the interventions that are put in place for students, and to make sure that students are working on their level of

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1730 words - 7 pages (LLI) is a short-term, supplementary small-group literacy intervention designed to help struggling readers achieve grade-level competency (WWC Intervention Report, 2017, p1). This is a great intervention for all the students who are reading below or above grade level. You can assist the students where they are then little by little you can help them increase their reading skills. It does not make sense to know the student is reading at a first