In-depth Animalia On Feeding, Defensive, Sexual Strategies, Etc. - Florida International University Biology 2 - Study Gyude

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Cozza BSC2011 Exam 3 Study Guide
IQ #1 - B
Fungal symbioses
⁃ fungi are bad parasites on our crops
⁃ ex: corn smut
⁃ in mexico is a delicacy
cordyceps (ascomycota)
• brain parasite
parasites on humans
• ringworm - under the skin
• tinea corporis - medical name
• microsporum gypseum - scientific name (italics)
• deep mycosis (hard to look at)
case study
• existed in europe
• people will scream and go crazy
• people lost their limbs
• 40,000 people died in france
• started noting evidence:
• - never took place in city
• - affected the poor, not the rich
• - worse in cool, wet environments
• - not contagious
IQ #2 - E
⁃ it is not an infectious disease
• strange "cockspurs" (ergots) on the rye (but not the wheat)
• - the poor grew all the food
• - the rich took the wheat
• - the poor took the rye
• its a fungus eating the rye (ascomycota)
• the active ingredient - LSD
• other fungi formed symbiosis in the leaves
• she started looking at leaves, grew fungi & found 50 species in one leaf
• protects
Cozza BSC2011 Exam 3 Study Guide
leaf cutter ants - they chew up the leaves and feed it to the fungus
• there is a weed fungus that can kill everything
• there is also a bacteria that can kill the weed
• the relationship has at least 4 members
• leaves of cacao trees were not eaten by the ants
IQ #3 - A (helped; helped)
⁃ symbiotic relationship means they both benefit
⁃ known as mutualism
• lichens are good bio-indicators of air pollution
• miami has very clean air
• a quick way to asses air quality
ecosystem services
• decomposers in the environment
• recycle nutrients (carbon)
• before fungi came to land, wood couldnt be eaten by bacteria
• end of coal age
• crucial in food webs
the weirdest fungus
• felt fungus
• if you peel it off, under there is a parasitic insect
• drinks the sugar of the plants
• the hyphae is in the insect & feeds off the insect
• to start a new colony elsewhere
• helps the insect bc they are not visible to predators when they are under the fungi
Cozza BSC2011 Exam 3 Study Guide
Animals - second powerpoint
• 3 domains:
1. eukarya
2. protists
3. bacteria
opisthokont clade
• flagella - single & posterior (if present)
• colonial
• not multicellular (all doing thr same thing)
• homology with sponges (similar)
• with animals: they have genes for multicellularity
• transcription factors
• ECM domains
• cell adhesion (receptor proteins)
• they share a lot of genes with animals (most common)
IQ #1 - C
⁃ when looking at the pic flagellum are first (from the ancestor) so ancestral and collar cells come
after (derived)
Main features
• they pattern their development in the embryo stage with hox-like genes
body symmetry
• sponges excluded (asymmetrical)
• radial - you can divide it any way & its the same
• bilateral - you can only divide in half
diploid life cycle (diplontic)
• where the only haploid cell are gametes
• they have larva stage in many groups before the adult stage

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