In Formative Essay About Electrical Engineering Kenmore Garfield Highschool Essay For Senior Capstone Essay

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Alexander M. Forshee
English 12
7 December 2018
Electrical Engineering
Your career is your life in today's society. A career that is very important in today society
is electrical engineering. I believe electrical engineering is important because it is a leading
career in today's society and it is a fun job overall. I am interested in electrical engineering
because I genuinely love robotics and wiring that fall under the category. The main points to it
being an important career where salary range from $60,000 - $150,000 dollars a year, 1% growth
from 2017 - 2071, and an average salary of $94,210.
Having a salary range from $60,000 - $150,000 means that you can easily maintain a
good lifestyle if you balance and plan your spending. As a career that only requires four years of
college and the minimum tuition of $13,000 a fresh person straight out of college can easily pay
off their tuition because they'll be making a fair amount of money. You're making this only
working a forty hour week so you make a substantial amount of money. Plus you can make even
more money if you get further education or a Professional Engineering License.
Now some people might say that it is not easy to find a job as an engineer but that's not
true. As an engineer, you can find a job across the entire country. The benefits of this are that
you can work in a tropical area or a common place like Ohio, you could also move around if you
wanted, or if your company needed you to. The possibilities are endless because an electrical
engineer can work as a technician, an electrician or even a robotics designer or builder. A good
place to start working could even be somewhere as local as a construction company in Akron.
With a 1% growth rate from 2017 - 2071 it can...

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