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In Hamlet, William Shakespeare Uses Different Characters To Create Suspense Throughout The Play

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In Hamlet, William Shakespeare uses different characters to create suspense throughout the play. The relationship between the characters develop conflict throughout the play keeping the reader wondering what is to happen in the following scene. Although these two men have diversity from each other they hold similar characteristics that allow them to separate themselves from the rest of the characters in the play. Hamlet and Laertes illustrate this throughout the play and ultimately changes how the play ends.Hamlet and Laertes both show impulsive reactions when angered. Hamlet shows this force acting against him when he is overcome by rage when he presumed King Claudius was spying on him while speaking to Gertrude. Without hesitation Hamlet say, "Nay, I know not: is it the king?" ( ) and stabs through the curtain attempting to kill Claudius but instead slaying ...view middle of the document...

Laertes respects and loves his father Polonius and Hamlet also holds this same respect toward his dead father. Both men strive to seek revenge for their fathers unnatural deaths. They also exhibit the same overpowering attitudes towards women. Laertes gives advice to Ophelia with her relationship with hamlet in the same way hamlet persuades his mother that he is not crazy yet manipulates her with guilt to make her convince Claudius of his madness and advises her not to sleep with Claudius. Both of their fathers attempted to use spies on their sons. Claudius hired Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to gather information on his stepson hamlet. Polonius also used this tactic by dispatching Reynaldo to spy on Laertes. The Pair also shared a deep but different love for Ophelia. Being Ophelia's brother, Laertes warns her of Hamlets true intentions and advises her to be wary of love. Hamlet's true feelings were shown when he went through grave suffering after Ophelia rejects him. "pale as shirt, his knees knocking each other." ( ) Both men are emotionally devastated after learning of Ophelia's death. Both men are so distressed that they both jump into her grave and quarrel with each other.The main difference between the two Hamlet planned out how he was going to get his revenge on his uncle Claudius. He contemplated to the brink of madness plotting a plan to kill Claudius and had no regrets afterwards. On the other hand Laertes had a simple plan to kill Hamlet and regretted it after it was done. If it were not for Laertes, the play would have a different outcome. He would not have been punished for the slaying of Polonius because he was royalty. Without the swordfight between Laertes and Hamlet, there would have been no poison for the Queen to drink, so she would have also lived. Both men were well educated, loyal to their family, seeking revenge on their fathers murderer and both loved Ophelia. But without Laertes the play would have taken on a different aspect and would not have had the twist and turns to keep the reader interested.

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