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“In the Time of Butterflies”
By Julia Alvarez
Final Argumentative Essay
Prompt – Courage has been seen as an essential human virtue for centuries. Think about one of the Mirabal sisters as she is portrayed in the novel In the Time of the Butterflies. What kind of courage did she show? What was the source of this courage? How was it expressed? Did she ever fail to show courage at a critical moment? In essence, of the four sisters, which one displayed the most courage?
The object of this assignment is to produce a well-developed claim in the form of an argumentative essay. This final assessment must meet the following criteria. You may only use your Cornell notes from the novel and film. You MAY NOT use the text.
The student’s response is a well-developed argument that develops and supports claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence based on text as a stimulus.
• Effectively introduces claim(s), acknowledges and counters opposing claim(s), and engages the audience
• Uses an organizational strategy to establish clear relationships among claim(s), counterclaim(s), reasons, and relevant evidence
• Uses specific and well-chosen facts, details, definitions, examples, and/or other information from sources to develop claim(s) and counterclaim(s) fully and fairly and to point out strengths and limitations of both while anticipating the audience’s knowledge and concerns
• Uses words, phrases, and clauses that effectively connect the major sections of the text and clarify relationships between claim(s) and reasons, between reasons and evidence, and between claim(s) and counterclaim(s)
• Uses and maintains a formal style and objective tone that is appropriate for task, purpose, and audience
• Provides a strong concluding statement or section that follows from and supports the argument presented
The student’s response demonstrates full command of language usage and conventions.
• Uses clear and complete sentence structure, with appropriate range and variety
• Makes an attempt to attribute paraphrases and direct quotations to their sources via in-text or parenthetical citations
• Has no errors in usage and/or conventions that interfere with meaning*
1. Claim + Reasons = Thesis ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. Once you have gathered your supporting details, organize your essay into an outline:
Essay Outline
Introduction –
Background (Summary of the historical context as well as the plot)
Thesis (Claim + Reasons)
Topic 1
Evidence/Examples (At least 2 pieces)
Explanations (How is the evidence connected to the topic)
Topic 2
Evidence/Examples (At least 2 pieces)
Explanations (How is the evidence connected to the topic)
Topic 3
Evidence/Examples (At least 2 pieces)
Explanations (How is the evidence connected to the topic)
Counterclaim or alternate perspective
3. MLA Format
Begin writing below.
Cut this line and begin composing your essay.

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