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Animal Farm Essay
The Soviet Union has had some special historical figures/ groups of people throughout its
time being a country. From the figures like Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, to the crazy
totalitarian leaders like Joseph Stalin, and many other groups that make this country a one of a
kind. Books have been written to put perspective on the time period and the country. The Soviet
Union that is. In ​Animal Farm ​by George Orwell he uses characterization for the animals in the
book to represent a certain person or a certain group of people in The soviet Union through their
actions conflicts, and choices.
Starting with Old Major the old boar of the farm, George Orwell portrays him through his
actions as an inspirational revolutionist such as Karl Marx or Vladimir Lenin. Through his dream
Orwell makes Old Major come off as Karl Marx as he is the first of his kind to have these ideas.
Karl Marx was the first person with ideals behind communism so just like him, Old Major shares
his original ideals pushing for a revolution in the future. Also Through this part of the book he is
portrayed as the first leader making him sound like either Karl Marx or Vladimir Lenin. These
two figures are looked as the original people to lead the communist revolution with their ideas
and actions. Through Old Major's actions and ideas George Orwell pushes the idea of him being
Moving on, George Orwell attempts to portray the Soviet Leader Leon Trotsky in the
book as Snowball the pig. Starting with his first action in the novel as being a hero in the battle
of cowshed. This makes him sound Like Leon Trotsky because in the Soviet Union he was a
military leader that the people loved. Another example Orwell uses is him fleaing Animal Farm
because he was afraid for his life. Just like Snowball, Trotsky left the Soviet Union as Stalin
pushed for him as the bad guy. Also in the book Snowball gets used as a scapegoat. After
Trotsky leaves the Soviet Union Stalin begins to use him as a scapegoat and this makes Snowball
and Trotsky similar. That is why Snowball is portrayed as the military leader Trotsky.
As George Orwell develops Napoleon the pig leader in the book he makes him out to be
Joseph Stalin through his actions and decisions. Like as Joseph Stalin stepping up with the triad
leaders in the Soviet Union, Napoleon comes up with Snowball and Squealer representing him to
be Joseph Stalin. This is a perfect resemblance of the triad stepping up when Lenin died with
Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer stepping up to power as Old major died. Communism is
supposed to benefit the working class, but with a corrupt leader like Napoleon he makes and
bends the rules to benefit him and his fellow high class pigs. This is exactly what Stalin did when
he was leading the Soviet Union, so Orwell makes these two look alike. Another example is
when Napol...

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