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Emma Boal
Indigenous Housing Crisis
Canada, a first world country where we have stable economy, we are developed, we have an abundance of resources and most importantly we are kind. But no. We aren’t acting this way. Keeping everything for ourselves. A third world country we are not. Yet we let our people live that way.
Undrinkable water. Unbearable weather. Unsafe housing. Unlivable conditions. Yet were letting it happen. This is a description, of not just a second world country. But, third.
This is not a well-known issue throughout Canada. That is why I want to tell you about our Indigenous housing crisis.
After putting them through residential schools you would think if anything, we would be more lenient on them. “The median total income of the Aboriginal population aged 25 to 54 in 2005 was just over $22,000, compared to over $33,000 for the non-Aboriginal population in the same age group.”[footnoteRef:1] But clearly were not. We don’t even give them enough money to buy a small home. Yet we expect them to be able to care for families of 6. [1: “Income.” Women and Paid Work, Government of Canada, Statistics Canada, 30 Nov. 2015,]
Almost 50% of Indigenous peoples require major housing repairs. 40% of Indigenous peoples live in crowded housing. But non-indigenous peoples? A mere 4-7% of us have these issues.[footnoteRef:2] Yet the government still pays us more. [2: Statistics Canada. “Housing Conditions.” Women and Paid Work, Government of Canada, Statistics Canada, 9 Nov. 2015,]
In 2018, they have increased housing in select locations. Pikangikum, being one of them, a first nation reserve near Ottawa. Justin Trudeau promised improved housing. Few houses were built. But...


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