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Individuality Essay

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Kilakowske 1
Aubree Kilakowske
English 10
May 6, 2014
Individuality vs. Conformity
Conformity is the opposite of individuality. To conform is to go with what is said to
be the right thing to do in society. To not do what you would do, but what you should do.
Individuality is to own what you were made to be and live to your fullest extent. To be
your true self, not what everyone wants you to be.
In the article, The Sociology of Leopard Man, by Logan Feys, he argues that
humans are meant to be individuals, but society pressures us to all be the same and fit
in. He even states that "society looks ...view middle of the document...

They say, "be your self" but then frown upon you if you don't dress or do
your hair the same as everyone else.
I agree with Feys' argument. we are all born to be who we are, not to be someone
else. If everyone in this world were the same, then the world would be extremely boring.
There would be no variation whatsoever. In fact, thats how people become known. For
stepping outside of societies box, and doing something different. weather its good or bad

Kilakowske 2
could be argued, but they're still widely known for doing something that no one else had
even thought of doing. Like the Leopard Man. Tom leppard wanted to be his true self and
live his life so he is happy, and so he did. He doesn't do it for the attention, he does it
solemnly because thats what he thinks hes meant to do with his life. Feys writes,
"Leopard Man ­ unlike so many millions of people who are a slave to societies demands
­ is happy." I think that this is how people should live their lives. If you want to be a
leopard, who cares? Go live your life the way you want to. But sadly, we are all basically
forced to go to school, go to college, get a job, make your career, and make money until
you retire. I mean sure there is freedom, but theres also not enough. we have a choice to
do what we want, but to an extent.
in conclusion, I think conformity and nonconformity are both important aspects of
living life the way you want to.

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