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Industrial Revolution Vs. Information Age Essay

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The Industrial Revolution has changed my life immensely. Plastic was invented in the Industrial Revolution and it is used in almost every modern day object, for example, computers, televisions, cars, houses, planes, and that is just to name a few of the thousands and thousands of things plastic is in. The airplane was also ...view middle of the document...

In the Information age there has been also many helpful things like the Internet, again hundreds of millions of people rely on the internet for information each day! In the information age there were a lot of things made that can save your life, like the GPS. If you are lost in the woods the GPS will help you navigate where you are and will bring you to safety. Vaccines are very helpful if you have a deadly illness and there is a vaccine for it, it can save your life. And a computer was made which makes a lot of hand work to be done a lot. Another thing made in the Information age is drugs and radios. Radios report news throughout the world, just think where we would be without them, and drugs are bad for people and they kill thousands a day, but the drugs that help save lives are the good ones.So the conclusion they have both affected my life a lot. They have affected my life equally.

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