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Water Supply and Irrigation Industry Report
Perry Francois
Environmental Regulation
The report focuses on the Water Supply and Irrigation industry in the US. It highlights the roles that the industry has played as far as environmental issues are concerned. The report delves on the environmental impact of the activities of the industry and the steps the industry players have taken over a period of time to alleviate the negative impact associated to emissions, hazardous pollutant dischargers in water and agrochemicals control. Additionally, the report explores the various federal and state laws, industrial regulations and international treaties that are aimed to guide the operations of the industries to be environmentally friendly. Through the use of California as sample state of study, the report delves in handful legislation in California that regulates this industry in compliance with the federal laws. Lastly, the report delves in the level of compliance and compares how enforcement of such environmental policies and regulations compare between states and nations.
Water Supply and Irrigation Industry Profile
Water supply and irrigation industry in the United States started mostly during the agrarian revolution. Due to unreliable patterns in rainfall in the United States, the farmers devised ways to ensure continuous food production and water availability even in the absence of rainfall. The initial stages of water supply were rudimentary and involved digging of wells which people used to draw water through levers and other methods. The initial method of irrigation was flood and trench irrigation method and mostly was used in the production of rice. However, with the advancement of knowledge and discoveries, water supply and irrigation industry adopted sophisticated methods of operations. Currently, there are various water supply and irrigation companies in the United States, virtually dozens in a single state. The industries are subject to industrial and environmental laws and operate after dully achieving the set standards and after issuance of permits.
Water Supply and Irrigation industry contribute significantly to the economy of the US. It is estimated that over 9.8 of all US cropland was irrigated in 2014. The industry created millions of jobs for individuals and contributed to over $992 billion to the GDP. The contribution translates to 5.5% of the total GDP (Haldane & Antle, 2015). The use of farm inputs such as agrochemicals and irrigation related materials contributed to over 136 billion dollars translating to 1% GDP in 2014. According to USDA, water supply and irrigation industry aim at achieving sustainable food production and clean water to people in the US. Through regulations and compliance, the industry has thrived to position itself as the major contributor to the...

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