Infection Prevention And Control In Nursing Practice Year 1 Adult Nursing Practice Essay

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NUR102: Critical Inquiry
1.0 Introduction ……………………………………………………………………….. Page 1
2.0 Teaching methods …………………………………………………………….… Page 1
2.1 Learning methods……………………………………………………………..... Page 1
2.2 Assessment methods ...……………………………………………………... Page 1
2.3 Patient, care and public involvement…………………………………. Page 1/2
2.4 Evidence-Based practice...........................................................Page 2
3.0 Conclusion............................................................................... Page 2
introduction: 1
This report will discuss learning, teaching and assessment methods used in the topic infection prevention and control, how it is understood and applied in practice. ‘Infection prevention and control (IPC) is a scientific approach and practical solution designed to prevent harm caused by infection to patients and health workers.’ (Worlds health organization, 2018). This report will also evaluate the role of patient care and public involvement (PCPI’s) in infection prevention and control. Evidence-based practice plays a large role in understanding infection prevention and control in health care settings.
Teaching method: 2
Nursing students are thought infection prevention and control through lectures, seminars and workshops. Lectures are one of the frequently used teaching methods at university, they provide large amount of information to give students a basic understanding of the topic that is being thought. As a pragmatistic learner lectures are not the best way of learning as these types of learners prefer to apply what they learn into practice to see if it works. Most people feel lectures are ineffective as its passes on passive information that does not give students the opportunity to process it (ScienceDirect, 2016). Seminars and workshops involve much smaller groups of students and promotes open discussion around specific topics and theories. This teaching methods gives a clear understanding of what has been thought in previous lectures and how to relate it into practice. This also gives students the chance to work in groups and share ideas with one another.
Learning methods: 2.1
The learning methods applied by students is directed and self-directed study. Students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning, this study can be done on their own or in a group and with support from the university staff if needed. (, 2018) recommends ‘It can be done individually or with group learning, but the overall concept is that students take ownership of their learning.’ The university provides learning tool that give students a chance to study online using the materials from lectures, seminars and workshops.
Assessment methods: 2.2
Assessment methods that are used in nursing for the topic infection prevention and control include written examination and practical assessments. The practical assessment used is the Objective Structured Clinical Examinat...


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