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Influence Of Rock Videos In Teenagers

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In 1999, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris opened fire to several students and teachers at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. Several students were injured, 12 students and a teacher were killed. After that, they committed suicide at the school's library. They did it because they were influenced by video games and a rock band called Marilyn Manson. This is a clear example of the influence that rock videos and video ...view middle of the document...

It's wrong because great bands have been accuse of influence teenagers to commit horrible acts of violence. I think that the problem begins when there's some psychological problem involved. The teenagers , that act this way, come from broken homes and where domestic violence is there. They see violence everyday at home, television, and other kind of sources that they see violence as something natural and normal. Although, there are cases, in which they come from normal families, and they act very violent because of the influence of rock videos and violent video games. This problem has become world wide and it's very concerning, because we don't know where, when, or who is going to be the next victim of these angry teenagers. Is very frightening just to know that there are teens with issues or other kind of disorders, who are capable to kill people just because they think is very fun and normal. Finally, who is the responsible for this act? Who are we going to blame? the teenagers? video games? the parents? or the mentality of a disturbed and angry teenager? I think is the combination of all of them. We should be careful next time we go to school.

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