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This question paper consists of 4 pages including the cover page.
Read the following instructions CAREFULLY:
1. Your assignment should be typed – Arial font 12; 1.5 spacing; Justified (ctrl + J))
2. Use the Harvard method of referencing.
3. You must consult at least three different sources or preferably journals for adequate
4. Assignments must be presented in the correct format. Marks will be awarded in conjunction
with contents for overall presentation as per marking rubric.
5. Ensure that your name and the name of your campus are clearly indicated on the cover page of
your assignment.
6. Keep photocopies of all assignments handed in.
7. Plagiarism and copying of assignments will result in the default mark 0% being awarded. This
is also a punishable offence, which will lead to a disciplinary action.
8. It is in your own interest to present your work neatly.
I, the undersigned declare that:
 I understand what plagiarism is and are aware of the Damelin’s policy in this regard.
 The work hereby submitted is my original work, gathered and utilised to fulfil the requirements of
this assignment except for source material explicitly acknowledged.
 I have not used work previously produced by another student or any other persons to hand in as
my own.
 I have not allowed, and will not allow, anyone to copy my work with the intention of passing it
off as their own work.
Signature of Student Date
QUESTION 1 (28 marks)
1.1 Since a DBMS is collection of programs that manages the database structure and
controls access to the data stored in the database. Discuss six (6) advantages of
1.2 Discuss eight (8) types of databases (16)
QUESTION 2 (17 marks)
2.1 Discuss four (4) building blocks of every data models (8)
2.2 Discuss three (3) types of relationship and provide example for each relationship. (9)
QUESTION 3 (36 Marks)
Student Database System
You are required to design a student database system that is capable to manage a college.
The database must be capable of performing the following activities. A student should be able
to view the marks of the subjects that he/she is registered for. The student should be able to
view the classes that he/she is attending and the subject the he/she is going to attend
including the group. The lecturer should be able to view the subject that he is going to teach
including the group that is going to attend that class. When designing the database, you must
keep this information in mind:
 A student must be able to access marks for one or many subjects that he/she is
registered for (Example: a student can access marks for Programming 3A, Software
engineering 1A, Project management, Information System 3A, etc.).
 A registered student belongs to a certain group, but he can’t belong to more than one
group at the same time (Example: A registered student can belong to Diploma in IT
3rd year students or Diploma in IT 2nd year students or Diploma in Accounting 3rd
year, etc.)
 A lecturer teaches one or many subjects (Example: A Lecturer can teach,
Programming 1A, Programming 3A, Programming 2A)
 A Lecturer can teach one or many groups, but not at the same time (Example: A
Lecture can teach IT 3rd year students, IT 2nd year students, etc.).
 A subject contains one or many marks (Example: Programming 3A can contain
marks for individual assignment, group assignment, DP test, etc.)
3.1 From the study case above, write down all the business rules that you can identify. (12)
3.2 From the business rules that you have identified in Question 3.1, Draw a UML diagrams
for them.
QUESTION 4 (19 Marks)
4.1 Using the case study in Question 3 above. Draw an ERD diagram, your ERD
diagram must include the following components:
 Include attributes in your entities,
 Clearly show your primary keys and foreign key in your entity diagram.
 Show your relationships (Multiplicities)

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