Information Technology Management - Create A Hypothetical Business - Project

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Information Technology Management (ITM 211)
Guidelines for the group project
The purpose of this project is to test the students’ understanding of the material covered in ITM 211. Hence, students are asked to show how the material and concepts discussed in this course relate and can be applied in a practical manner and real life situations. As such, each group will be required to develop a hypothetical business and incorporate all applicable aspects related to the topics discussed in this course i.e. “Information Technology Management” in the final project that will be submitted by the end of the semester.
The list below describes the major concepts that has been, or will be, discussed throughout the semester. Please note that this list is not comprehensive and students’ might find other concepts, related to ITM 211, that they need to address in their project.
List of the major potential concepts to include:
· Data, Information, Knowledge
· Decision Support DSS
· Networking
· Databases
· Artificial Intelligence
· Network Security
· Porter Strategies
· Electronic Commerce
· Porter’s five forces model
· Porter’s three strategies
· Systems Development
· Methodology chosen and why
· MIS software(s) (General Ledger, Accounting, Payroll…etc)
· Customer Relationship Management
· Marketing MIX
· Hardware and Software
· Datawarehouse
· Data mining
· Enterprise Resource Planning
· Cloud Computing
· Feasibility study, BEP
· Social Media
· IT Success Evaluation
· Outsourcing
· Supply Chain
Please follow the attached template (shown below) when preparing your project.
Title page should include the title of the project, names of the author(s), signatures of the authors, school, department, university, in addition to the address, and date. (Font size is 14).
Implementation of E-Learning system to LAU
Submitted to the School of Business
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for
ITM 211 course.
SCHOOL OF Business
2013 by Wajeh Baydoun
1. Declaration: Each project must have a declaration in which the author states that he/she (or the group) is/are the sole author of the project. Furthermore, the author permits the university to lend...

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