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IT Organization Strategy
Final Course Project Part 1/2 - IT Organization Strategy
Northwestern University
Service Catalog
Enterprise Architecture is IT functional area and main focus of this project. The Open Group TOGAF framework was used as a basis for the services to be offered to the enterprise, the three TOGAF architecture domains used were; data, application, and technology architectures. The business environment or organization used in the project will be my current employer automaker Chrysler Group LLC. The following service descriptions were developed with the upcoming completion of the Chrysler and Fiat merger (or Fiat buyout of Chrysler) in mind and the information systems integration challenges that will undoubtedly follow. The major business goals set by Chrysler are to increase sales and market share in emerging markets, and to develop and introduce innovative new products to the market faster. The services in this project were developed with these goals in mind as well.
The first service we will discuss is IT data integration, data integration involves combining data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of these data (Lenzerini, 2002). Specifically the EA team will architect and function as the MS SharePoint SMEs for the integration of Chrysler and Fiat sales, marketing and engineering data to leverage the expertise, experience, talent and accumulated knowledge of both companies to create a competitive advantage in the global market. The integration of this data will allow the company to innovate and adjust marketing/sales strategies rapidly to take advantage of today’s dynamic markets in the US and the rest of the world which will assist in the overall business goal of increasing sales and market share in emerging markets.
The next service the EA team will offer is application performance management;. The EA team will architect the APM strategy using APM framework standards and facilitate the ongoing triage of problem applications in the enterprise. This service goes hand in hand with the data integration service, since the data the these applications will be using will be combined and used in locations around the world it is only natural that there will be possible network latency issues for applications accessing databases in continents a world away. The EA team will design and maintain the standards for datacenter network infrastructure and WAN bandwidth capacity. This service supports the business goals of increased sales/market share, dealer facing and retail buyer facing customer applications will be the prioritized. The goal of bringing new and innovative products to market faster will also be supported by managing application performance for engineering simulation and design.
The final service, cloud based technology architecture ties together the two previous services by integrating both companies data in the cloud to reduce data warehousing costs and improve application performan...


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