Informative Speech About Caffeine And Its Effect Santa Rosa Junior College Sppech 1a Speech

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Abisek Raut
Informative Speech Outline
Effects Of Caffeine
A. Attention Getter- Do you guys know that Caffeine is the most widely used psycho active chemical in the world? Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant substance found in foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy drinks and chocolates which helps to restore mental alertness or wakefulness during fatigue or drowsiness and improve concentration and focus. According, to the stats published by Health Research Funding Organization, The United States is the country with the highest amount of caffeine consumption (971 tons) followed by Brazil (969 tons). (HRFnd)
B. Significance- Caffeine is a growing trend in our society, specially among the younger crowd like us. European and North American statistics report that 90% of adults consume caffeine on a daily basis, with an average intake of 227 mg. (Persad, Leeana Aarthi Bagwath). Although it has an sufficient amount of properties to assist with maintaining a high level of energy, caffeine is extremely addictive and an excessive amount of consumption can be physically damaging. (HRFnd)
C. Credibility- I, myself used to consume a lot of caffeinated drinks. When, I worked as a bar back few years ago, I had to work late night busy weekend shifts. So one night I consumed about 8, 12o.z red bull energy drink as I was feeling tired because of the amount of work I had to do that night. But, it was not a pleasant experience afterwards at all. Consuming that amount of caffeine obviously gave me extra energy boost while working but after work my body became more tired, my heart rate spiked and I couldn’t go to sleep until 6 or 7 am in the morning.
D. Thesis- Learning about the effects that caffeine can do to our body will help us be more aware of our consumption, so that we can maintain a healthier lifestyle.
E. Preview- In this speech first I'm going to talk about the beneficial effects of caffeine, then the negative effects of caffeine, then discuss what are considered to be 'safe' levels of caffeine consumption, and finally how you can curb your caffeine habit.
A. Beneficial effects of caffeine
1. Consumption of Caffeine helps us to wake up and feel more alert and it has shown to increase attention spans.
2. Caffeine also has beneficial effect for people who are driving long distances and for people who are doing tedious work.
3. Caffeine is comprised of antioxidants which help the human body to repel free radicals that are responsible for diseases and illnesses such as cancer. (HRFnd)
4. Caffeine consumption also reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and dementia. (AARP)
5. As per the study by Harvard’s School of Public Health, caffeine consumption also cuts suicide risk possibly because of the stimulant effect that helps boost people’s mood.
B. Negative effects of Caffeine
1. Too much caffeine consumption increases anxiety and disrupts sleep patterns, leading to a vicious cycle of restless sleep, relying on...

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