Informative Speech On It Not Being Morally Acceptable To Experiment On Animals - English - Essay

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Informative Speech Outline
General Topic
Specific Purpose
Thesis-​My purpose is to persuade my audience that it is not morally acceptable to
experiment on non-human animals to develop products & medicines that benefit human
a.​ ​Did you know that 100 million animals are killed in U.S laboratories for biology
lessons, medical training, curiosity-driven experiments and chemical, food and cosmetic
b.​My purpose is to persuade my audience that ​it is not morally acceptable to
experiment on non-human animals to develop products & medicines that benefit human
beings. ​Inform you about the dangers & how inhuman
c​.​ ​ Many believe that hurting helpless animals is the only way to getting medicines,
and cures but they are mistaken.
d.​ ​Some points I will tell you about today is about​ how misleading safety test on
animals can directly hurt humans, animal testing is cruel and inhuman for us to
allow/due, it is hypocritical to experiment on them but refrain from human experiments.
II.​ ​Misleading safety test can directly hurt humans.
a.​ ​Countless time medications,vaccines & etc have passed all animal testing with no
signs of illness or negative response. But when theses medication are not having
negative effects on animals; and labeled as safe and effective. When time comes for
humans to test them, they can instantly have a negative and very harmful reaction that is
unsafe for humans.
1. For example, ​ ​In 2003, ​Élan Pharmaceuticals had to stop trials of an alzheimer's 
vaccine that had cured the disease in “Alzheimer’s mice,” after the substance caused 
brain inflammation in humans. 
2. Also, ​an NIH clinical trial of ​fialuridine, a promising medication for hepatitis B, was 
immediately terminated because the medication had caused liver failure in 7 out of 10 
people. 5 of whom died & 2 of whom had to require liver transplants. 
b​.​Even though animals and humans have many similarities in there genetics and
etc. Humans are still humans & animals are animals which the differences show in the
science testing when animals react in a positive way with no harmful reactions but
humans have the opposite reactions to the same thing.
1. ​“​ If we look at gene expression in human versus mouse immune cells we see
marked differences, if we look at responses to toxins like endotoxin, a dose which
would kill a human would (on a mg/kg correction for body weight) hardly cause
mouse to bat an eyelid.” (Andrew morris, PHD immunology, ​Edinburgh UD
2. ​An animal & a human immune system which is based off of many medical tests;
are similar to one another. However there are differences in the proportions of cell
types, the cells themselves can look different and the signally pathways within
cells can differ between humans and other animals.
c.​ ​Laboratory procedures and conditions can also have major influences on
animals psychology and behaviors that are very difficult to control and which ultimately
impacts researches outcome.

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