Informtion Snd Tecnolodgy Future With Aertifical Inteligency School Assignment

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Opening Sentence: (One sentence on the essay topic – time, place, context: where is the issue/what is the issue/when is/did it occur? Be SPECIFIC. Avoid broad sweeping statements such as “The whole world faces a crisis…” OR “Since the dawn of time…”.)
AI is prevalent in the IT field now and will continue to be so in the future.
Essential background information that the reader needs to get the CONTEXT/SIGNIFICANCE. Do NOT go into huge detail here. The body paragraphs are for detail and explanation.
Outline of Key Points: (Focus of each paragraph that will reinforce essay, refer to your research question for what you need to address. It is possible that this may be incorporated into the thesis or outlined in the background section of the introduction)
1) Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Developers.
Will L, Y., Ben Gal, I. & Elon Musk, Y. (2017)
Dilek, S., Çakır, H. & Aydın, M. (2015)
2) How AI Is Changing Software Development
Est3er, S., Todd , H. & Elon, M.
3) Why Some Software Developers Fear A.I
Nick, K. (2016)
Yampolskiy, R. (2016)
Explanation/Thesis: (Clearly state your argument with the position you are taking and the implications/because/so what/why this is significant. Avoid the use of personal pronouns. Do NOT phrase this as a question – it is the answer to your initial research question)
AI plays an integral role in the fight against AI and will continue to coexist with personnel in the field to handle new emerging threats and achieve a well-established cyber defense structure. Thus, employability within the IT sector would be affected by AI but AI will not be taking over all the roles in the sector.
Concluding/linking Sentence: This may be unnecessary if the thesis is sufficient
(One point discussed per paragraph. Paragraphs should be in the
same order as the key points were listed in introduction.)
Key Point 1: (Topic sentence to introduce focus of paragraph. Do NOT include quotes or references in the topic sentences. The topic sentence should be YOUR words and allow the reader a snapshot of the main idea of the paragraph)
AI integration is a necessity in IT and the fight against future cyber-related threats.
Explanatory Sentence: (Why is this important to the focus of the essay? Links to thesis)
There is no scenario in which AI will not be a part of IT sector. There are many techniques performed by AI which is simply too much for a human being to handle.
Evidence: (Examples, quotes, to support point.)
cyber defense industry has focused on creating a mechanism [Dobson et al. 2006] involving sensors capable of providing alerts and current situational updates to organizations’ cyber operation centers. new problems were caused by overloading organizational cyber operation centers with more data than humans could efficiently process [Mancuso et al. 2015]. Better training, improved skills, and additional personnel were not enough to keep pace with the growing amount of data which helps in IT...

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