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After Hurricane Ike struck the coast of south Texas, people were displaced, homes were lost, and businesses were disrupted. Business operations need protection from loss in order to survive disasters, both natural like Ike and unnatural. Business continuity planning is a concept used to create a plan to recover and restore operations after disasters and crises strike. "Good business continuity plans will keep your company up and running through interruptions of any kind: power failures, IT system crashes, natural disasters, supply chain problems and more" (Business Continuity, 2008). Any successful business will have a BCP or Business Continuity Plan no matter their geographic location ...view middle of the document...

An organization's mission statement "clearly outlines the basic purpose of the organization and is the first place to look to determine essential functions" (Stanford University, n.d.). The intention of the mission statement is to keep stakeholders aware of the organization's purpose through a clear set of ideas. The mission statement for Kudler Fine Food is lucid in identifying the essential functions required to understanding the organization's operations.Identifying the organization's mission is a critical step in the development of a business continuity plan. A business continuity plan (BCP) is a standard method for how an organization will plan for continuing operations in the event it is faced with a potential threat (Barnes, 2001). This BCP will recover or restore any essential functions within a time, after being presented with a disaster or a disruption. These essential functions mentioned, are those key to the organization's mission. The BCP includes performing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and a Risk Assessment (RA), which assess the potential impacts of various measures on the organization's operations. A BCP does not prepare an organization to be prepared for the disasters, as "it is impossible to properly plan for a disaster if the likely impacts of various disruptions on an organization are unknown" (Stanford University, n.d.). Thus, the BCP will assist in the overall development of continuing those operations, which are faced with disasters, in order to satisfy the essential functions used to define the organizations mission.In developing a BCP, it is critical to analyze the relevant risks to the organization. Kudler's mission includes foods imported from around the world, the finest products available, and a highly knowledgeable staff. In meeting these essential functions, Kudler must analyze those risks involved. Conducting a thru risk assessment of Kudler is necessary in order to identify the correct and most relevant risks related to Kudler's operations. These may include, but not limited to, importation of food, training of staff, overall economy status, and forecasting of sales.Kudler has pride itself in importing the finest quality foods. Shipping international foods contain many risks associated with importing. Risks that are of great concern in this area for Kudler is the possibility of the food shipment not arriving to the store in time for sales such as delayed processing of order and weather conditions which delay deliveries. In preparing for this possible risk it would be in Kudler's best interest to ensure that inventories are not "ran dry" before the next shipment is scheduled for delivery. Another risk associated with importation of food is the risk of spoilage as well as contamination either while being picked, loaded, or shipped to Kudler. While Kudler looks around the globe to find the finest foods, risk in importation of food must be considered and further analyzed to prevent or improve the risk no...


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603 words - 3 pages Free SAMPLE FORM FOR THE RISK MANAGEMENT PROCESS This form can help set out your risk management process for managing cash-in-transit security risks. Using this form is not mandatory—you can use whatever means are most useful and practical to manage risks at your workplace. Customer Name Branch of Business Date of Assessment Assessor’s Name Client Code Servicing Branch/es Customer Address Post Code Name of Contact Telephone Fax No T: F: Days of

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1159 words - 5 pages Free , documented and • Used in line with service policies and protocols encompassing • The need to share information with other health professionals such as the case manager 8 Recognising impact of Health Problem Initial assessment involves: • Initial phone call – establishing initial nurse, client, caregiver therapeutic relationship • Assessment data collecting interview re client’s health and medications • Historic database including • the socio

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1487 words - 6 pages positive way, either as a necessity to increase the opportunities for gain and several challenges which enhance the value of the business (Oana, 2010). This risk assessment associated with the ordering policy provides a quantifiable table of information that illustrates the risk in each category. 2. Table of Risk Coefficient of Variation = Standard Deviation / Average Forecast Style Coefficient of Variation Gail 0.19 Isis 0.31 Entice 0.18 Assault

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4176 words - 17 pages the nature of the bomb itself. This will inevitably lead to the delays in construction and increased costs, potentially resulting in the frustration and demotivation of workers and supervisors as well as negative feedback from the surrounding communities and stakeholders at large. It is the duty of the construction manger to ensure that an initial site investigation, risk assessment and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) risk assessment is undertaken. An

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2397 words - 10 pages for children and young people with diabetes is to provide a high quality service that is reliable in terms of delivery and appropriate access for patients requiring that care. This flow chart depicts the health professionals and care agencies work together in the diagnosis and initial management of diabetes care. A health needs assessment is what starts off this whole process. According to (NICE, 2020), a health needs assessment is a

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5259 words - 22 pages One does not have the experience of operating in a huge marketplace with thousands of competitors. Before embarking on this new venture, the company should consider the necessities for going public such as possession of knowledge about an IPO.Risk Assessment and MitigationRisk assessment or risk management refers to "a process, which identifies, prioritizes, and responds to the uncertainties confronting a company which can have an impact

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2317 words - 10 pages customer turned out to be the main drivers for the revenue, with first two having a positive correlation to revenue growth and the last one having a negative one. To make the final assessment of the sites more complete further available information like running costs and assumed investment needs were evaluated to make the final recommendation. Analysis highlighted that both sites offer good investment opportunities, depending on the long-term

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1126 words - 5 pages · Amount of hydrogen peroxide used · The type of chemicals · The places of the experiment · The thermometer used · The type liver used control The base line, comparative test · The experiment where the hydrogen peroxide reacting will be of body temperature to determine the initial amount of heat evolved. Number of repeats Repeat Each experiment repeated thrice. Risk assessment Risk What would happen? How to prevent it? Chemicals are corrosive Burns

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3355 words - 14 pages Risk and Resilience: (p.16) Poverty/ SES/ Race/ Culture: Child Maltreatment/ Trauma Chapter 2: Causes of behavior (to be explored in this chapter): *Biological influences *Emotional influences *Behavioral and cognitive influences *Family, cultural and ethnic influences Theoretical foundations (intro to chapter): Etiology- study of causes of childhood disorders *considers how biological, psychological, and environmental processes interact to


4326 words - 18 pages , McHenry, & McHenry, 2016). For example, a counselor is required to be educated on how to execute an assessment of a counselee's severity of risk factors for SA and he or she must be able to support the resulting plan of action (Sartor et al., 2016). If the therapist fails to respond to an assessment revealing SI and SA and the client harms themselves he or she will be charged with being negligent (Sartor et al., 2016). The counselor can also be

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1395 words - 6 pages risk for offending. This project is a 12- wave prospective panel study in which members of the sample and one of their parents were interviewed at 6-month intervals from 1988 to 1992 and at annual intervals from 1994 to 1996. At the end of wave 12, in spring 1997, 846 of the initial 1,000 subjects were reinterviewed (a retention rate of 85 percent); the retention rate for parents was 83 percent. Resources 5. List three strengths and three weakness

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1521 words - 7 pages An assessment of project management processes: London Heathrow Terminal 5 1. Introduction 1.1 Concept of project management According to a guide to the project management body of knowledge (2017), project management is “the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements”. In terms of aviation area, where projects are often described as megaprojects, the main purpose of project