Insite Deserves Funds: A Question Of Yes Or No? Athabasca University English 255 Argumentative Essay

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Wang 1
Xin Wang
Professor Catherine Mclaughlin
English 255
18 November 2018
Insite Deserves Funds: A Question of Yes or No?
Drugs appeal to us because they deliver a variety of moods and states not immediately available from our surrounding realities. These may take in complete relaxation, ecstatic happiness, the negation of suffering, radically transformed perceptions, or just a sense of being alert and full of potential energy.
· Walton (2002)
As it presents a typical visit in the national TV network, that someone, possibly pseudonymous, walks straight into a site, approaching to a receptionist, and waits until he is called into a large space behind a locked door to pick up fresh and sterile equipment for a drug injection. While he sits at a stainless steel booth getting injected a nurse is implementing her supervision on him. Used equipment is then tossed into a receptacle after use, and the booth is also cleaned up afterwards. Before returning to the street, this drug user rests for a while inside this site’s “chill room”. Moreover, addiction treatment and primary care services are offered if he is interested. This site, as one of the public health interventions, was opened in Vancouver, 2003 – North America's first medically supervised safe injection site (Insite) for illicit injection drug users. Despite the concerns raised by the Canadian opponents about Insite’s potential threat to public safety, alleged encouragement of drug use, and squander of resource, Canadian federal government sanctioned an exemption to Insite under section 56 of Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Boyd 235), authorizing its operation as a harm reduction facility – defending human right (that one gets to live and receive health service), reducing the
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risk (of infectious diseases, overdose and mortality) posed by public injection drug use, and generally benefiting healthcare system.
Human rights apply to everyone, so it is unjust to deprive the ones who use drugs of their right to health treatment, to social service, to freedom from cruel inhuman and degrading treatment, and to life. Drug addiction is acknowledged as one of the most resistant illness, which requires infinite willpower and perseverance within the drug users, and certainly thorough treatment and help from the society. Insite not only provides safe injection of illicit drugs but also mainly focuses on helping the drug users who have been marginalized to the alleys, bringing them into the light of healthcare, and eventually making them abstain from drugs by offering standard medical service and mental therapy and consultation. People who use drugs are often experiencing harassment and detainment, being subjected to involuntary and abusive treatment procedures, which foreseeably can turn these addicts into be more vulnerable, aggressive and resentful. Sometimes, as a result, instead of quitting drugs, they proceed to more involvement in drug abuse and even revenge on the society....

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