Insurable Interest Case Study

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Adia owns a house and has an elderly third cousin living with her. Adia decides she needs fire insurance on the house and a life insurance policy on her third cousin to cover funeral and other expenses that will result from her cousin's death. Adia takes out a fire insurance policy from Ajax Insurance Co. and a $10,000.00 life insurance policy from Beta Insurance Co. on her third cousin. Six months later, Adia sells the house to John and transfers the title to him. Adia and her cousin move into an apartment. With two months remaining on the Ajax policy, a fire totally destroys the house, at the same time, Adia's third cousin dies. Both insurance companies tender back premiums but claim they have no liability under the insurance contracts, as Adia did not have an insurable interest.
Insurable interest can be established through either pecuniary (monetary), or relationship.
Pecuniary interest can be established by ownership or interest in property either personal or real. Individuals may insure property that they have an insurable interest in.
Insurable interest based in relationship can be established through either close blood relation or affinity. This prevents life insurance from being used as a gambling tool. If persons could simply insure strangers then the possibility of gambling on the life span of anot...


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434 words - 2 pages it was of interest—opens the door to the case study and tries to get the passersby to enter. Typically several paragraphs, the introduction includes background information about the building/space, the designer's intent, the myriad of interesting topics to study, what sparked your team's curiosity, and how the team decided on the topic. · Hypothesis. (or Hypotheses). Presents the hypothesis (or hypotheses) that is the basis of your investigation

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551 words - 3 pages individuals and are an extension of case reports. Case studies are designed in helping with the determination whether an exposure is in link with an outcome of any disease or any condition of interest (Song, J. W., & Chung, K. C., 2010). The main use or purpose of a cohort study design is to give is to come up with a question and create a hypothesis about what may caused a certain disease. A whole purpose is to assess a prognosis, the risk factors, and

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8415 words - 34 pages Free requirement of BBA program and the general purpose of the study is to analyze the impact of interest rate liberalization on financial development and economic growth. The findings from the empirical study and some recommendations have been made. However, the specific objectives of the study are as follows:Specific Objectives:To find out the overall interest rate movements of the selected countries.To indentify the effect of interest rate

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1515 words - 7 pages dissociation and endorse it. The purpose of this study was to analyze how acquisition of gendered notions on brilliance effect a child. A series of studies were conducted to analyze findings in order to make a feasible hypothesis. It was not until study four was conducted that the hypothesis was clear in that five year old boys and girls interest in novel games from Study 3 would not differ because their is no contrast in perception of brilliance

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450 words - 2 pages school work. If you put time and effort into it, you will succeed. There are many pointers that Angela Duckworth gives us to acquire passion one of them is just to show up, if you don’t show up for class it means you don’t care and it will show it in your grade. She also tells us to practice or study and to have an interest in what you do if you are not interested you won’t try as hard. If you are not interested in your major find another one

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1962 words - 8 pages , 2010, p. 55). During a case study, the experimenter learns a great deal of important aspects of a person’s life that may not occur appear in a short experiment or a survey questionnaire (Cervone & Pervin, 2010, p. 55). The experimenter performing the case study can observe how the applicant thinks and feels about situations (Cervone & Pervin, 2010). The experimenter observes “the behavior of interest directly and does not have to extrapolate from a

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493 words - 2 pages BMAT Case Study 9B Brenden Dahl 000807776 Enea, a new entrepreneur has dreams of starting her own designer clothing store. She impressed an angel investor enough for them to give her a start-up loan. The angel investor has given Enea a great opportunity on a loan of 6% compounded semi-annually. After just 2 years Enea’s business had saved up $80,654, enough to pay off the loan and interest from the angel investor. She can now look at other

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1502 words - 7 pages castrate him for his desires for his mother McLeod, S. A. (2008).This research is based on the psychodynamic perspective, the strengths in Freud's theory are, that it made the use of case study methods popular in psychology. Case studies are very useful for evaluating people with unique phobias. It also showed the use of defence mechanisms, that being Hans dealing with his anxiety, it also highlighted the importance of childhood and created a new area

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2077 words - 9 pages . Researchers need to consider the development of analysis planning and a series of specific checklists to prevent certain offenses. Statistical test requires certain assumptions that need to be met and data to produce valid results. If specific assumptions are not appropriately considered during statistical test, errors and misinterpretation is very possible. In worst case scenarios research study itself may be completely compromised. Errors in

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2287 words - 10 pages U1794402 Sociology Women in the Commercial Airline Industry 1. Introduction A case study is an in-depth investigation of a single person, group, event, or community. (McLeod,2018) There are some disadvantages and disadvantages of case study. First, a case study can help to improve the knowledge of the case for not just the researcher but for future studies to be more advanced. However, due to the fact that case studies deal with only one person

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1304 words - 6 pages Running Head: COACH INC. CASE STUDY 1 COACH INC. CASE STUDY 7 COACH INC. CASE STUDY Name Date Coach’s Case Study Coach’s strategy to grow the business Their strategy focused on meeting quality and styling of their competitors while at the same beating them in pricing by over 50 percent (Gamble & Eastburn, 2012). This yielded them competitive advantage in capturing average income earners with a desire of luxury taste and also rich consumers

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2665 words - 11 pages environment that supports student’s self-determination and autonomy. Choice is given to Acacia in her classroom. She has an option to work with manipulative, work with a peer, work with me, or on her own during specific lessons. This motivates her because her interest is enhanced through choice. Another theory that had an effect on my case study student’s motivation was the attribution theory. The attribution theories of motivation describe how the

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4814 words - 20 pages representative of the population and the study achieved at least 80% compliance (p. 4). It is believed that the participants are indeed representative and the study indicated a compliance of about 86%. B) STUDY DESIGN Indicate the study design 1. Randomized controlled trial 2. Controlled clinical trial 3. Cohort analytic (two group pre + post) 4. Case-control 5. Cohort (one group pre + post (before and after)) 6. Interrupted time series 7.Other, please

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733 words - 3 pages Mexican American adolescent females choices regarding educational endeavors and occupational goals; qualitative data can also provide further depth on barriers (i.e. society, personal, family). Quantitative research collects numerical data in order to explain, predict or control the process of interest and create statistical data (Abawi, 2008). The barriers and problems that are identified in the study can be used to generate ideas or alternative

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1844 words - 8 pages some past similar cases such as DuPont lost its long-standing AAA bond rating after its acquisition of Conoco in 1981 without a dramatic rise in its cost of debt or decreased access to the debt market. If HCA is not one of the companies that can lose their rating and continue to receive a high level of low interest debt then they will be forced to slow their growth. The best case scenario is that HCA continues to be an aggressive player in the