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•! Marketing*–*consist*of*the*marketing*mix*strategies*that*organisations*develop*to*transfer*
•! Communication;*is*a*process*that*conveys*shared*meaning*between*individuals,*or*between*
•! Marketing*communication*–*represents*all*the*elements*of*the*marketing*mix*that:*
-! Targeting*the*brand*to*a*group*of*customers*
-! Positioning*the*brand*as*being*distinct*from*competitive*brand*
-! Sharing*the*brand’s*meaning*and*unique*differences*with*the*product’s*target*
•! Advertising*–*Mass*communication*e.g.*TV,*radio,*newspaper*or*direct*communications.**
•! Direct*marketing*–*use*several*types*of*media*to*reach*consumers*and*encourage*them*to*
•! Sales*promotions*–*Marketing*activities*that*attempt*to*stimulate*buyer*action*or*immediate*
•! Sponsorship*marketing*–*Promoting*the*interests*of*a*company*and*its*brand*by*associating*
•! Marketing*public*relations*–*MPR*usually*consists*of*favourable*news*item*or*editional*
•! Personal*Selling*–*person*o*person*communication,*where*the*salesperson*informs,*educates*
•! Point;of;purchase*communications*–*in;store*display,*posters,*sign*and*other*materials*that*
•! IMC*is*a*communication*process*involving*planning,*creation,*integration,*and*
•! Concept*–*relies*on*delivering*the*marketing*message*to*all*stakeholders*that*have*some*
•! Marketers*create*advertisements*to*communicate*with*potential*customers.*
•! Synergy*–*suggests*when*marketing*communications*are*coordinated*and*consistent,*they*
•! Process*–*profile*the*customer/prospect*segment*and*then*determine*what*types*of*

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