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Integrated Marketing Communications Ireland Essay

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IntroductionXYZ has completed their initial thrust gathering primary and secondary data in Ireland and determined their product should be a success. The necessary export licenses to sell XYZ product in Ireland have been submitted to the State Department and once the State Department has approved the export releases, focusing on an outline for a successful marketing communications program will begin.Joining the Ireland Chamber of Commerce in the United States, Inc. (ICCUSA) was a wise decision and many promising network leads were made. Having access and belonging to an organization that can provide assistance and firsthand knowledge is invaluable in determining which marketing campaign to ...view middle of the document...

Tactics emerge from the strategy and are therefore specific to each plan. When planning tactics, consistency is needed to ensure a concise uniform message for all.Evaluation refers to how a message was received. This is the final step of the IMC plan. Evaluations should be on-going and the results shared with management so appropriate action can be taken to correct any issues that arise.The first phase of XYZ's communications program will be devoted to determining who the target audience is. This will be achieved using the primary data gathered based on age groups, household incomes and household sizes. Ireland's population is estimated at over 4 million. "Of those, over 1.2 million live in the Greater Dublin area. Ireland has a young population, with 44% of the population under 25" (Ireland Insight). XYZ intends to target the greater Dublin area and the younger population. XYZ will market their product with a sports theme. Based on research, XYZ has determined that Ireland is passionate about sports. Golf, soccer, rugby, Gaelic football and Hurling are popular. All but golf and soccer are unfamiliar to most in the U.S. and therefore if XYZ wants to target any of these sports fans, they need to become familiar with the sport or aim their products toward the ones they are familiar with, or use a local representative to help promote in unfamiliar territory.In phase two, the focus will be on the positioning statement. Just because XYZ has successfully identified their target audience they now need to determine how to get them to purchase their products. Many components such as political, social influences and political will need to be addressed before proper positioning can be made. For instance, if XYZ does target sports enthusiasts, and takes into account the very popular Irish past-time of drinking, they may want to partner with the local Guinness brewery or Jameson's Whiskey distillery located in Dublin to endorse their product. Ensuring the target audience is comfortable with the product, feels it is affordable, and they can identify with the product suggests XYZ is on are on the right track for proper positioning.Phase three focuses on allocating the budget using various media tools. Within Ireland, newspapers have been published for over 300 years. Today, there are six morning daily papers and three evening published newspapers.* The Irish Independent* The Irish Times* The Irish Examiner* The Star* The Belfast Telegraph* The Irish News* The Evening Herald* The Evening Echo* The Belfast NewsletterIn addition to the plethora of news media, radio and television are popular. There are three public broadcasting stations and many British radio and television stations available in Ireland. Advertising in newspaper, television and radio will be...

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