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Executive Summary
Have you ever travelled to New York, London or Berlin? If so, what motivated you to go
there? You didn’t travel to these cities to see businessmen in their suits. Instead, it was the
culture of the city that you wanted to witness. It is the culture of a city that is vital to its
We’d like to introduce you to an awesome app called GIGr, which will redefine the
Australian live music scene.
Introduction To The Problem
The problem our business model will address is noise pollution caused by live music in urban
areas within Sydney. Although this problem may strike some Sydneysiders as being overly
simplistic and perhaps even irrelevant, this issue has in fact polarised debate between local
residents, musicians, live music venues and local councils – and it for this reason that GIGR
was founded. Significantly, noise pollution has come to the forefront of mainstream news and
media courtesy of several high profile court stoushes originating from a fundamental
disagreement over the place live music holds within suburban Sydney.
Generally speaking, it would be safe to say that Sydney’s live music scene has been teetering
on the brink of collapse within the last decade. However, a fair and important question to ask
would be ‘Why does this matter?’ It matters for several key reasons, some of which will now
be explained further. Firstly, Sydney’s live music scene has been, both literally and
figuratively, the birthplace of internationally successful artists including AC/DC, Midnight
Oil, The Angels, INXS and Gotye. The fact that AC/DC alone have sold over 200 million
albums internationally is evidence enough to highlight the reliance up and coming bands have
on live venues – so as to play gigs and start to form a name for themselves. Secondly, from
the perspective of live music venues that play host to such acts, key revenue streams are
dependant on high volumes of acts and also ‘getting people through the door’. This has
simply been rendered impossible in the face of noise complaints from residents and activist
One such example of an historic venue sinking into the realms of receivership was The
Annandale Hotel, in Sydney’s inner-west, which couldn’t cope with the barrage of pressure it
faced from Leichardt Municipal Council throughout a stoush over late-night trading.
According to a report published in the Sydney Morning Herald in February 2013, “The Land
and Environment Court eventually found in favour of the Annandale, but … the legal battle,
which was driven by noise complaints from a small group of residents, cost the pub more
than $250,000”. The social, political and economic co...


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