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International Business Management Essay

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SOM/MANM009/2/Feb'09/Guildford & DUFE SOM/MANM009/2/Autumn '08/Guildford & DUFE
UNIVERSITY OF SURREY ©School of ManagementPostgraduate Programmes in International Business ManagementPostgraduate Programmes in International Marketing ManagementPostgraduate Programmes in MA Intercultural Communication with International BusinessModule: MANM009 / 15 creditsINTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENTPaper Ref: 002 (R)MSc ExaminationTime allowed: Two hoursAnswer Three ...view middle of the document...

Companies enter foreign countries via different strategies, such as Greenfield investment or merger and acquisition. Discuss the pros and cons of the two strategies.Discuss the opportunities and threats globalization poses on companies and governments.Describe different mechanisms through which foreign direct investment makes impact on host country economic development.What is the key difference between vertical and horizontal FDI? How does research measure the two concepts? What are the host country attributes that attract vertical and horizontal FDI respectively?Describe the main mechanisms of coordination and control in the multinational corporation and compare these to those of a domestic company.Critically discuss Hofstede's model explaining national cultural differences. Use examples to illustrate.What are the main features of compartmentalised business systems? Use an example from a country of your choice to explain.What are the differences in work design and coordination among US and Japanese manufacturing firms, and how are these related to national institutional differences?End of PaperInternal Examiner: Dr. J. Duanmu & Prof. Mike GeppertExternal Examiner: C. Dorrenbacher

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