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Closes 11am
Each student is allowed to complete 1 x voting form Weds 14 March
You can vote for one head boy and one head girl.
Place a X inside the box beside the student you are voting for
Bottom of the page must be signed otherwise vote will be invalid
Full nomination letters for each applicant are available at the International Office if you wish to
see these
Felix Wang “I think I would suit being a head boy of international students because I am
a responsible student who strives to meet deadlines. I can connect with
students easily as I have a cheerful personality. I respect every student and
teacher no matter race or skin colour.”
Raymond Ren
“Our school is a big family and I have lived in this family for 3 years. I really
want to contribute to this big family with my abilities and knowledge. My
favourite sentence is “with greater ability, comes greater responsibility” - I am
ready for that responsibility.”
Jacob Hou
I think an international head student is not leading others but to serve others
and understand others deeply. I am confident I can help to make a positive
atmosphere and we can then build a strong, caring community together”
Blake Ou
“I want to encourage more international students to participate in college life.
I have been involved in Culture Night, Fashion Show, School Production, etc...

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