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Pure-n-Clean Water Filtration: International Marketing Plan and ObjectivesPure-n-Clean is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of water filters for under-developed and third-world countries. The company is currently seeking to expand business to Mexico based on the growing tourist areas throughout the country. The filters will allow local water sources to be used for drinking water for locals and tourists. The first step in any international venture is gathering information on the intended country. The marketing team at Pure-n-Clean has gathered necessary information and developed a mission statement for the venture. The team has also developed objectives for the internatio ...view middle of the document...

Quarterly reviews will determine if Pure-n-Clean's market development plan is successful. These reviews will include random telephone surveys to tourist resorts, local contests, and surveys mailed to specifically targeted areas. Pure-n-Clean will adjust the market development strategy as needed in order to maximize advertising dollars. In five years, Pure-n-Clean will become a household and resort brand; the number one source for safe water consumption in Mexico.Pricing Strategy. As previously mentioned, the position is to target 1% of the market share, creating a return of 1.1 million items sold. Pure-n-Clean plans to offer a variety of low end filtration products, which cost less than newer products in the U.S. The initial angle is to establish if a demand exists within the targeted audience. The asking price for the Pure-n-Clean classic filtration products ranges from $20-$30 in the U.S. Calculating the fixed and variable costs, $25-$35 per system will maximize the profit margin if unexpected foreign taxes are not encountered. Pure-n-Clean will conduct continuous research during the first quarter to evaluate the success of the product. If the rate of return shows a substantial gain in profit, the company will target 2% of the targeted audience during the second quarter.Market Share. A common objective for companies engaged in international trade is to expand global market share. This goal is accomplished by earning market position within individual nations using various strategies. Pure-n-Clean will conduct marketing research to determine demand levels for water filtration products within the country of Mexico, targeting a 1% gain of the available market for water filtration products. The marketing team will use a combination of methods for conducting the market size assessment, including analogy, trade audit, and chain ratio methods (Kotabe & Helsen, 2008).The necessity to conduct in-depth research using the most reliable primary and secondary data should not...


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1803 words - 8 pages detail. The international marketing strategy is outlined with respect to the product, promotional strategy, pricing strategy, and distribution. A marketing budget is designed to incorporate promotions for the air conditioners and deals with all the support needed to implement air conditioners in the market. Implementation and control of the marketing plan is looked at with focus on the timeline and milestones, the monitoring process, and the

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1249 words - 5 pages wants to accomplish using their communications. Objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable and challenging.A Marketing budget is prepared-based on marketing objectives. Spending is determined and varied-based on the focus the marketing plan and strategic plan dictates.Marketing strategies "are ideas about how to accomplish objectives" (Duncan, 2004). The marketing strategy is made up of the marketing mix, positioning and branding and is

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912 words - 4 pages Free support the positioning strategy.A marketing strategy is a plan identifying what marketing Goals and Objectives will be pursued, and how they be achieved within the time available. Marketing strategies identify and specify target market and generate a practical marketing mix based on this data. Basically, a marketing strategy provides a 'big picture' of what a business's intentions are with regard to marketing.THE MARKETING MIXThe marketing mix is the

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2294 words - 10 pages step-in detail. b) What four elements in tier one and five elements in tier two are devised for e-marketing strategy? Explain them in detail. Seven Step E-marketing plan is made up of below seven steps as a) Situational Analysis b) E-marketing Strategic Planning c) Objectives d) E-marketing Strategy e) Implementation Plan f) Budget g) Evaluation Plan. Step 1 – Situation Analysis The situation analysis is otherwise called the SWOT (strengths

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799 words - 4 pages planning tool that:describes your business and its products and servicesexplains the position and role of your products and services in the marketprofiles your customers and your competitionidentifies the marketing tactics you will useallows you to build a marketing plan and measure its effectiveness.A marketing strategy sets the overall direction and goals for your marketing, and is therefore different from a marketing plan, which outlines the

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605 words - 3 pages As a new ice cream company, Sweaty Company aimed to introduce the brand in the market. In order to be famous the company needs to do many efforts to increase the sales volume. Therefore, research and plan following by promotion is set up to reach the goals. The company is going to highlight some point, such as new product objective, sales objectives, retain earnings objective, market share objectives, social responsibility objective, and timing

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2132 words - 9 pages cause harm to ones business in some form. Managing the risk will set a plan that enables the business to enhance safety, meet regulatory compliance standards, minimize lawsuits, enhance management and make better business decisions. Risk management will help control any physical injury, security breaches, customer satisfaction and public relations to all guests at the resorts and staff.Define and Clarify Mission and Objectives The mission and


303 words - 2 pages Free . and Pettitt S. "Principles of Marketing" 4th Edition (Financial Times/Prentice Hall, 2006) ISBN: 9780273695592Kotler P. and Armstrong G. "Principles of Marketing:, 13th Edition (Financial Times/prentice Hall, 2010) ISBN: 9780273743279.Kotler P., Keller K. L., Koshy A. and Jha M. (2011) " Marketing Management", 13th Edition.Cateora P. R. and Graham J. L. (2011), "International Marketing", 13th Edition.Assael, H., Reed, P. and Patton, M. (1995) Marketing: Principles and Strategy Harcourt-Brace.Kotler, P., Armstrong, G., Brown, L., Chandler, S. A. (1998), Marketing, (4th edn), Prentice Hall.

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1283 words - 6 pages , particularly psychology, sociology, and economics. A creative minded person, generally one who has studied creative arts in a higher education institution handles the advertising aspect of marketing ( 2005). Along with a marketer having great customer orientation skills and a focused mind, they will utilize a marketing mix consisting of the 4P's. Using the marketing mix to form a marketing plan the marketer will find what the consumers' desires

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6825 words - 28 pages & clean rice2.Aroma3.Length4.Taste5.Attractive packaging6.Consistent or improved rice quality7.Reasonable pricingAny or all of the above could be the possible objectives and can vary from customer to customer. Situational factors could be the surrounding market environment of the customer, making a decision of which brand of rice to buy from the large variety of brands.Phase Three: Recommend a Customer Action Plan - We need to recommend a