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In recent years radio and the Internet have been permanently intertwined. Recently, radio has begun to be broadcast over the Internet, and Internet content has begun to be broadcast over the airwaves. For this exchange of positions to occur, there needs to be a change in transmission of sound from the standard analogue of radio, to the digital nature of the Internet.Analogue audio will become extinct in the near future. Although sound in nature and our own hearing is analogue, the capturing, storage and transmission of analogue sound is difficult without losing quality. For example, if one keeps making copies of an audio tape, the quality gets worse every time; in the same way, each t ...view middle of the document...

The Internet and its content are largely available through a large, ungainly box, usually in the corner of the living room.As technology becomes more advanced, this will change, and soon people will not think much of having full access the Internet from a tiny box that they can carry anywhere, just as a person with a Walkman is nothing remarkable. One of the great things about wireless communication is the freedom to be anywhere. The natural extension of the Internet is to allow the elimination of the wires and place the Internet into the car, in public, and the "Netman" on the beach.As the Internet begins to permeate the classic places for radio to be used, radio will have to adapt to remain in use. The most likely way for this adaptation to occur is for most of radio broadcasts to be transmitted over the Internet. Mode of the delivery is, irrelevant compared to quality of programming and content, including advertising. Whether wired or wireless we should see radio in the broader view, as an ideal medium for communication but without the "old radio" constraints.When television first arrived it was described as "radio with pictures," and maybe we might now think of radio as not, "television without pictures," but as a medium that can add pictures and other content as desired. Television does not have its impact without sound, but radio is great without pictures. Imagine a radio combined with pictures and video all delivered via the Internet to the palm of your hand.Radio, delivered over the Internet can be thought of as the base medium. Then functionality can be added to it at any time. This can be any combination of the sound we now call radio, the pictures we normally see as television plus the raw data ...


Internet refrigerator Paper

349 words - 2 pages LCD enables video messages and digital still photos to be created, exchanged and printed out.Refrigerators are always turned on, so Internet capabilities can beimmediately operative without a start-up procedure whenever a user wantsinformation from the Internet."The Internet refrigerator does more than just chill food and dispense ice cubes," said Kang. "Consumers can use the Internet refrigerator as a TV, radio, Web appliance, videophone, bulletin board, calendar and digital camera."

Solo GNU Radio Companion Assignment – Pirate AM/FM radio station - EE401 - Assignment

1208 words - 5 pages Solo GNU Radio Companion Assignment – Pirate AM/FM radio station Project In this project I am going to create radio station that will connect two computers through two kind of modulation AM and FM. AM modulation: Amplitude Modulated (AM) radio signals transport an audio signal (electrical material that can be transformed to sound). The audio information is encoded on the radio wave by changing the amplitude of a high frequency radio wave. The

It is okay, review that person’s content without his or her permission - ESL - Essay

602 words - 3 pages Internet is not who person is in their heart. Works Cited Singer, Natasha. They loved your G.P.A then they saw your tweets. The New York Times. 2013. Print. Zwerdling, Daniel. “Your Digital Trial: Does the Fourth Amendment Protect Us?” National Public Radio Oct 2. 2013. Web.

E-Commerce Means Death Of Mass Marketing

1498 words - 6 pages -marketing with e-commerce1.1 AdvertisingThe main connection between e-commerce and mass marketing is advertising.Traditional advertising for mass-marketing are:•TV and Radio•Magazines and Newspapers•Billboards•BrochuresE-commerce makes also advertising but on the internet, everything takeplace online.1.2 ProductionAs mass-marketing such e-commerce produces different products.2 Mass marketing dying today2.2 Mass marketing means the

Obama Net neutrality versus Trump Net neutrality - Framingham state university BUS 200 - Essay

812 words - 4 pages Thomas Evans Buis 200 Intro to Business Systems Dr. Patricia Thomas September 21,2018 The term “Net Neutrality” was coined by law professor Tim Wu in 2003. With the Idea that the internet service providers would be all treated equally. This is what is called the open internet. An equal basis principle that internet providers should allow customers access to all legal applications and content without blocking, favoring, throttling, increase

How Have New Media Enabled A Renewal Of The Public Sphere And Extension Of Democratic Processes?

2461 words - 10 pages being as primitive as we now regard radio. 'It will not just be the technologies that change, it will be the way in which people relate to these new forms of communication.' (Street, 2001:163) The Internet in particular has provided an almost complete renewal of the public sphere and in turn, extended many democratic processes.This essay will explore the notion of the public sphere and how it has been altered with particular reference to the

DJ Shelley “The playboy” Stewart Research Paper

1061 words - 5 pages Play Caller With the creation of the internet and the use of Smartphone’s, getting a message around to many people in a short period of time didn’t take much. But even before the television, what did people use to “spread the word”? In Birmingham Alabama, the means of getting the word around to the black community mostly relied on the power of the radio. The person who kept the community of Birmingham updated with crucial information about the

Window XP Outline

820 words - 4 pages .* Internet Explorer Add-on Manager prevents add-on applications from crashing the browser* Supports several multimedia environments including radio, streaming video, and conferencing* New user interface allows easier access to documents and most commonly user programs adapting to the user's habits* Improved help and support services* Address compatibility issues when mixing software & hardwareNew hardware features* Provides support for up two

Persuasive Text: Should downloading music from the internet be permitted

527 words - 3 pages to jail because of this, and it is all because they were able to download the music for free. To summarize it all up, not being able to download free music should be prohibited. Musicans and song writers claim that downloading music free from the internet is an indirect violation of existing copyright laws. Moreover, this free copying prevents artists from getting royalty payments for their work. People who download music on these web pages, claim that it is really no different than recording a song played on the radio, or videotaping a movie on television.

Could Holocaust Happen Again

373 words - 2 pages more people have technology devices around there houses that keep them up to date such as a radio, television and even computer's (Internet).Therefor all or most military areas have satellites or even radar to determine what's going on around them or even around the world. With all these factors such as radar, satellites and even TV's and radios I greatly believe that it would be almost impossible for another holocaust to roar around with the whole world keeping an eye on one another.

technology how it is affecting us - English - essay

1814 words - 8 pages Free telephone, and our radio and TV” (5). The Internet is taking over the world we don’t need even need to leave our homes to find out information, it’s possible to find anything online. People don’t know how to live a life without hiding behind screens. The Internet is a very easy and accessible way to share thoughts and ideas with today’s world. The concept of the internet is very similar to the concept of the printing press, and they both

Internet speech, freedom of speech and hate culture; cyber bullying - Orange County community college English 1 - research

1520 words - 7 pages Lima 1 Addison Lima Prof. Meagher English 101 Nov 29 2018 Internet culture: Free speech and Hate speech It is most likely safe to assume that very few people predicted the internet becoming so widespread as it is today in the United States.. The average person interacts with it daily, using its near infinite reservoir of knowledge for education, business, leisure activities, and just about anything else you can think of. The internet connects

Critique a Quantitative Research Model - NCU 8102 - Essay

1839 words - 8 pages articles: Social Media Use in the Family Context and its Influence on Family Relationships Introduction One of the earliest forms of communication through the postal service systems, dates back to 550 B.C. The telegraph came about in 1792, followed by the telephone in 1890 and the radio in 1891. The earliest versions of the Internet were developed in the 1960s. The first concepts and early versions of email were also developed during this time, close

Radio Frequency

5012 words - 21 pages % of Adults." by Lee Rainie, over 90% of adults own a cellular device, and over 50% own a smartphone. These days, cell phones provide tons of functions such as internet access, emergency assistance, a high end camera, music and even mobile games to kill some time. Although, all of these features are useful, it's still important to know that the main purpose of a cell phone is to allow two individuals to contact each other in different locations

Levi's Blue Jeans

1356 words - 6 pages particular time. 'High waters' and tight jeans that show 'everything' just do not seem to be very attractive. Along with the Internet, direct marketing could also be used as a venue to reach to these ethnic groups. For African Americans, I would use more radio to market the product because it seems that they are very into their music and would be listening to the radio more than watching television. Now on the other hand, I would use television