Internship In School Gio Castillo Bus 501 Essay

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Comprehensive Learning Assignment 2
Gio Aurel R. Castillo
Westcliff University
BUS 501 – Internship
Dr. Shirley Chuo
April 27, 2018
Job Description
I work part-time as a Project Manager with responsibilities to some of ASSET Laboratories’ sister companies including CRL Environmental and ASSET Laboratories PH of the Philippines. The proposed practical training is related to my major field of study because it involves mainly leadership and management skills. In this internship experience, I learned how to manage, handle project schedules and prioritize among varied tasks and activities. It enhanced my potential as a leader wherein I oversee all the planning and status reporting in the projects. Analytics and report generation are some of the techniques I gained from this work experience. Furthermore, it expanded my knowledge in using MS excel and critical thinking through data analysis.
Importance of the Course
This internship program had opened my eyes to the realm of the professional world. It widened my connections as I met a lot of people from work and at the same industry who are successful in the career path they chose. Moreover, this work provided me the drive and motivation to strive harder since I know that I am on the right track towards my goal in life which is to become a CEO or an owner of a large company someday. My future self, five to ten years from now, will thank me for doing well in this internship for it had equipped me with knowledge and experience which I consider stepping stones for the career that I envision.
First concept that I have acquired in this course is leadership. As a project manager, I became an instant leader as I experienced how to handle people and organize projects using my own strategy. In every discipline whether it is business, government, sports, etc., leadership remains as an essential component. I believe leadership plays a big role in the field of engineering as well. Engineers are known to be good critical thinkers which is one of the traits an effective leader should possess. According to Ahn, Cox, London, Cekic and Zhu (2014), engineers exercise leadership due to the growing interdependence between technology and the economic and social foundations of modern society. We, chemical engineers, are trained to make important decisions which also makes us ideally placed to become good leaders. Leadership is a process and not just a personal quality (Silva, 2016). Nowadays, employees are often attracted to demanding challenges and leading a team is one of them (Peterson, 2009). Being a leader will provide each one the discipline in achieving a goal which can lead to higher work productivity. It may not be something that we can naturally inherit but it can be learned and developed. As a leader, I always aspire to leave a remarkable footstep and make a difference.
Another learning I gained from this...

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