Interpersonal Relationships At Work Communication 200 S Essay

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Interpersonal Relationships at Work
Kaila Parker
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Interpersonal Relationships at Work
Interpersonal Relationships are a standout amongst the most essential things in business and regular day to day existence. A positive interpersonal relationship gives innumerable chances while a negative interpersonal relationship limits opportunity. Interpersonal relationships can be worked with various types of communication however self-disclosure and self-concept play two of the greatest roles in framing constructive interpersonal working relationships.
Self-concept can be depicted as how individuals view themselves. There is an assortment of components that affect an individual's self-concept, yet the greatest effect originates from confidence. Self-esteem is a lot like self-concept, the only difference is adding emotions into the mix. For instance, say an individual likes a brand they know that they appreciate, that’s an example of self-concept. On the other hand, if someone were to present an idea that they have to their coworkers and no one else likes the idea, that can negatively affect that person’s self-esteem.
Now let’s add a personal relationship into the mix at the job. Having a personal relationship can be a good thing but can also be a very bad thing. Good because you can share the good aspects about your day with one another and being that a couple works together they will be able to better understand what is being said. You can talk about a specific coworker and your partner will know who you’re talking about, you can bond over experiencing similar situations at work, and having a good career will also aid in a healthy, happy relationship at home. Interpersonal Relationships in the work place may not be a food idea because when a person has a bad day at work they tend to take it home with them.
Most companies do not like for spouses to work together unless that was clarified before they started at the job. “While they have often been studied from a negative perspective, for many these relationships may facilitate a context in which working individuals can fulfill their “need to belong”” (Hershcovis, Reich 2008). From research, it has been said that interpersonal relationships within the workplace aid in job dissatisfaction, as well as negative physical and mental health outcomes.
If things aren’t going well in someone’s personal relationship, having a positive relationship at work “fulfill their “need to belong”” (Hershcovis, Reich 2008). In order for your interpersonal relationship at work to flourish the interactions that people have must be frequent and non-aversive, and they must also be stable. “the workplace fosters the development of recurring interactions and prolonged relationships” (Hershcovis, Reich 2008). Healthy interpersonal relationships within the work place help people become closer, it has been proven t...


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