Interview With Social Sciences Instructor Erie Community College/ Human Services Ii Assignment

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Awadh 2
Shrifa Awadh
Professor Laurie Berkshire
Intro to Helping Relations
April 4, 2017
Human Services Interview
Q: What is your name and job position?
A: I am Bruce Kennedy and I am a Human Services Professor at Erie Community College.
Q: What are your average job duties?
A: As a professor, I teach numerous classes throughout the day. Some classes I teach include Abnormal Psychology and the required Human Services class. Also, as a professor I take time out of my day to do some grading. I, also, meet with students to answer any questions or concerns they may have about the courses or the program.
Q: How has your education/work experience prepared you for this position?
A: For my education, I acquired a Master’s degree in social work. This allowed me to gain valuable experience in dealing with people who are in need. I did some individual counseling and I also worked at a Prison College Program. These experiences gave me insight on how to give guidance to those who are struggling.
Q: What specific services do you offer and how are they attainable?
A: I offer many courses at ECC. In these classes, I prepare students on how to handle patients in real-life circumstances. I do this by setting up a Field Placement Program, where the students interact with different clients and get hands-on experience. These courses are available to anyone registered in ECC. I, also, offer guidance to anyone who needs help navigating the Human Services Program. Any student with any questions or concerns can come visit me at my office during my availability hours.
Q: What are some challenges the population you serve face?
A: Well, most of my “clients” are the students here at ECC. Since, they are in college, I would say that most struggle with their financial situations and that they over work themselves to be able to pay for college and pay for their homes. One of the biggest challenges, I think they face is their backgrounds. Many students come from rough backgrounds where there might’ve been some type of abuse/neglect. Some of these students, have difficulty in overcoming their past situations and it can be hard for them to move on and graduate where some days they feel like giving up.
Q: What do you...

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