Interview With Special Education Teacher Ese 690 Assignment

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Activity 1
Romy Fuentes
Consultation and Collaboration in Exceptional Student Education
ESE 690
Dr. Gallo
Nova Southeastern University
March 18, 2018
Interview a special education teacher and describe how he/she might be a consultant in one situation and a consultee in another. Do special education teacher and the general classroom teacher relinquish their individual roles in order to share skills and rotate their assignments in an inclusive setting? How do they bridge the gap between special education and general education to get the two departments to work as a team? Also, collaborative consultation means one professional assisting another to address a problem concerning a third party. As a consultant, how does the special education teacher offer assistance without making the consultee feel professionally incompetent?
One of the characteristics of inclusive school is collaboration. For inclusion to be successful, teachers are not expected to have all the expertness needed to fit the instructional needs of all learners in the classroom. General teachers have noticed, that setting students with disabilities in regular classes is not sufficient to assure their progress, those who educate students with learning needs must also adopt useful instructional procedures and make accommodations for learners’ diversity. Consultation and collaboration among teachers can make the teaching experience unique in benefit of all students’ progress.
How he/she might be a consultant in one situation and a consultee in another
Mrs. X, a special educator with more than ten years of experience, explains that she has been consultant and consultee in several times. Teachers have different strengths and needs, they should collaborate to recognize one another’s strengths and to help each other identify the students’ needs and effective strategies to improve their progress. Mrs. X refers that sometimes general education teachers are not familiarized with all of the specific resources Special educators know about matching practice with a student’s skill level that can be below the grade level. Also, special education teachers may not be familiar with the fundamental strategies and projects regularly used to apply learning on grade level. Additionally, Mrs., X notes that while general educators are well qualified to implement and instruct students on many varieties of software, the special educator brings functioning information about assistive technology.
Do special education teacher and the general classr...


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