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Into the Wild Analysis
Christopher McCandless was a smart young man with untapped potential. He had a
college education and was raised in a wealthy household. Both of his parents were extremely
successful and seemed to have a perfect life, or so it seemed to be. His father was an abusive
dysfunctional man with anger issues who had a second family outside of this life. Chris had
grown to resent both his parents as he learned more of this malfunction of a marriage. This
curiosity of his is what would lead him to be found dead in the Alaskan wilderness two years
later with near to no wilderness gear or easily obtained precautions. He had just strolled into the
wild. Christopher McCandless was a brave and admired individual because of his self driven
ambition, his attempt to seek a world within which he could find value, and the fact that he was
entirely aware of his physical limitations.
Chris McCandless excelled in everything he dedicated himself to. To him each task, no
matter the degree, the only possible outcome was success. His commitments ranged from school,
to playing instruments, athletic teams, and any employment he found himself working within.
Chris represented all that was valued for a successful working individual. Academically, he
maintained close to perfect grades. When his younger sister began to surpass his french horn
ability and he realized he was no longer the best, he gave up the instrument. He became captain
of the cross country squad and was notoriously known for pushing his entire team beyond their
extents motivating, them by suggesting they view it as a “spiritual exercise”. His ambition wasn’t
satisfied unless met with success, “...running wasn’t exclusively an affair of the spirit; it was a
competitive undertaking as well. When McCandless ran, he ran to win.”(Krakauer 112). From
working as a driver at a pizza restaurant to being a cook in McDonalds, he was always reliable
and performed his responsibilities to their full. This ambition and determination is what should
be admired. It is rare to find such conviction in everyday tasks and does not suggest ...

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