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Frailty: a definable clinical state involving multiple signs and symptoms
- Increased vulnerability to adverse health outcomes resulting from aging-
associated decline in reserve and function across multiple physiologic systems
○ Skeletal, nervous systems etc
○ A state of increased risk, compared with others of the same age
- If you compare two people of the same age, one may be frail, the other may not
- 25-50% of people older than 85 years are estimated to be frail
- Frailty remains an evolving concept lacking both a unique definition and
diagnostic criteria - there is not a single best way to measure frailty, but there
are many ways to measure it
Progression of Frailty
- There are several stages
- Pre-frail, a stage people go through before they become frail, its very hard to
diagnose as it's clinically silent
- Frail, a stage, a constant continuous clinical deterioriation, the person never
goes back to their normal stage after a mental or physical stress
○ When a person is frail, there is no recovery to the normal level, there is a
constant clinical deterioration
- Diagnosing the pre-fail or early stages of frailty allow for a good treatment of
Frailty - Domains and Impairments
- Physical
○ Low grip strength, low physical activity
○ Sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass and strength)
- Nutritional
○ Low energy, unintentional weight loss
§ Lower food intake
○ Dysregulated energetics (decreased energy production or increase
§ Food not used properly
○ Overall: get less energy than you should from food intake
- Sensory
○ Reflex, gait, balance deficits
- Cognitive
○ Attention deficits, and other cognitive deficits
Frailty Phenotype (FRIED)
- Presence of three or more of the following
○ Shrinking, weakness, poor endurance, energy slowlness and low physical
activity level
○ Presence of one or two deficits = a pre-frail
○ Absence of deficit = no frail
- It is a qualitative measurement
Frailty index
- Expressed as a ratio of deficits present to the total number of deficits
considered (includes 40 variables or more)
- How many deficits you experience, compared to total
- Quantitative measurement - need a lot of variables
Lab This Week
1) Short Performance Physical Battery Tests
a. To simulate the physical symptoms of frailty associated with aging
b. Perform tests with and without simulations
2) Mini-mental state exam
a. To simulate the neurological symptoms of frailty associated with aging
Intro to Frailty
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Frailty: a definable clinical state involving multiple signs and symptoms
- Increased vulnerability to adverse health outcomes resulting from aging-
associated decline in reserve and function across multiple physiologic systems
○ Skeletal, nervous systems etc
○ A state of increased risk, compared with others of the same age
- If you compare two people of the same age, one...

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