Introduction To Linguistics Semantics And Pragmatics Wvu Introduction To Linguistics Assignment

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Austin Martin
Homework 3: Semantics & Pragmatics (40 points)
Due at the start of class Monday, February 25, 2019
1. Lexical Semantics. In what way are the following pairs of words related (e.g., synonymy)? In cases of hyponymy, indicate which word is the hyponym and which word is the hypernym. (10 points)
a. shallow deep
They both are related to the depth of something
b. mature ripe
They are both related to the age of
c. table furniture
A table is a type of furniture
Hypernym: furniture
Hyponym: table
d. single married
They are both related to the relationship status of a person
e. move run
Running is a type of movement
Hypernym: move
Hyponym: run
f. sofa couch
They are both types of seats.
g. punch touch
Punching someone is a way to technically touch someone
Hypernym: touch
Hyponym: punch
There are lots of other kinds of ‘-nyms’. Give two examples of each of the following:
h. Acronym: a word that is composed of the initials of several words, e.g. PET scan.
CPS – Child Protective Services
DOB – Date of Birth
i. Retronym: a word that would have once been redundant, but which changes in society have made non-redundant, e.g. silent movie was once redundant because all movies were silent.
Live Music – All music was once live
Railroad Car – All cars were train cars at one time
2. Thematic Roles. The following sentences each contain a verb, its noun phrase subject, and various objects. Identify the thematic role of each noun phrase. Note: make sure to give the whole noun phrase. (10 points)
Example: The boy took the books from the cupboard
Agent: the boy, Theme: the books, Source: the cupboard
a. Mary saw the ball in the house.
Agent: Mary, Theme: the ball, Source: the house
b. The children ran from the playground to the wading pool.
Theme: The children, Source: the playground, Goal: the wading pool
c. One of the men unlocked all the doors with a paper clip.
Agent: one of the men, Theme: the doors, Instrument: the paper clip
d. The sun melted the ice.
Agent: The sun, Patient: the ice
e. The farmer loaded hay onto the truck.
Agent: The farmer, Patient: hay, Source: the truck
f. The hay was loaded onto the truck by the man.
Patient: hay, Source: truck, Agent: the man
g. The aliens coveted our pets even though we gave them some frogs to enjoy.
Agent: The aliens, Patient: our pets, some frogs
3. Speech Acts. For each of the following contexts, identify the indirect speech act of “Do any of you have a watch?” Then, give the corresponding meaning of what is being said indirectly. (10 points)
a. A frantic-looking man runs up to a group of people standing at a bus top, checks the bus schedule, and then says hurriedly, “Do any of you have a watch?”
Indirect speech – Question
Meaning - Do you know the time?
b. A group of preteen girls is comparing jewelry. One girl says, “My jewelry is best, because I have the most.” Another says, “Nope. Mine is the best because it all matches.” This sort of thing goes on for a while. Finally, the last girl pipes up that...

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