Introduction To Preclinical Experience Task Three Wgu Essay

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Maxell Gibson
Introduction to Preclinical Experience
Video 1103
The students in video 1103 appear to have a grasp on the academic language in their history class. They use the vocabulary in their group discussion in a way that shows that they understand the meanings of each word. They are discussing historical foreign policies of different governments. They successfully define the vocabulary they are using in their discussions to explain whether or not certain scenarios pertain to their vocabulary they are using. The students are able to communicate their case to their groups clearly, and are grasping the vocabulary they are using.
The students explain how these different foreign policies affect the world today, and how it affects them. Having the students relate the the lesson to them helps the students think more critically about the subject. The students were able to discuss different points of view In a respectful manner.
To manage dialogue for this lesson would start the class with a brief class discussion of what each foreign policy was and have them explain what country practiced what form of policy. This would insure they grasped the meaning of each vocabulary word and would have them define it. This would show me that they have acquired the knowledge of the word itself and can correctly define it in a descriptive manner. This would also give me a chance to see if they can use the vocabulary correctly in sentences, if not it would give me a chance to coach them in what the words mean and how to use them. I would also use a “web” as a semantic map to visually show them what the foreign policy was.
Video 980
The teacher in video 980 is giving a power point to her class on what is acceptable for their upcoming project. She shows the students a series of short videos and clips on plagiarism and how to avoid it. She was giving “direct instruction” on what was considered plagiarism for there video they were making. The teacher did not include the students in discussing what plagiarism was, and more than one time saw a student raise their hand to ask a question and did not call on them to ask their question.
If I were leading this discussion I would have the students get involved in the videos to promote participation. I would use a guided interactional approach to keep the students engaged by splitting them up in small groups for group discussion. I would show the students a series of videos and give them chance to discuss weather the video would work for their project and if so how they could incorporate it. The students would be given a list of questions to discuss together before the lesson started. I would then have the class discuss how they could use that video correctly without plagiarizing it (how to properly cite, if their are copyrights, and if the video is biased) for their projects. While the groups are engaged in their group discussions I would go to each group to discuss with them what are their conclusions and ans...


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