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The inventor of the compact disc is James T. Russell. He was born in Bremerton, Washington in 1931. Russell earned a BA in Physics from Reed College in Portland in 1953. In 1965, James started work at the Bettelle Memorial Institute as the senior scientist. That is were he designed and built the first optical data storage system. This invention was created because Russell was unsatisfied with the quality of vi ...view middle of the document...

After years of work, he completed the system, and patented it as the compact disc in 1970.There were a few social impacts from the invention of the CD. One was that people could buy music knowing that it wouldn't wear out. Another impact is that the medium is so cheap that anyone can buy CD-R's and record any data on it. An economic impact from the invention of the CD is that people can buy more music and know that the quality of the music will always stay the same. There were no political forces in society that impacted the invention of the CD.I think that this invention was very beneficial to society. It makes sharing and buying massive amounts of electronic data a lot easier. The CD doesn't get worn out from being played, and can resist minor scratches, fingerprints, and being left out in the rain for a few hours. Two benefits of the compact disc are that it provides convenient massive media storage and that it's a device that doesn't wear out by being played. The only disadvantage of the compact disc is that if it gets big scratches, then the data will be corrupt.


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745 words - 3 pages Thomas Alva Edison, was a small town, country boy who became a United States inventor. He is the most famous of all Americans to make a career of inventing; Edison was called the “Wizard of Menlo Park,” which was his laboratory for sometime, found in New Jersey. He was especially important for his electrical inventions. Like many inventors of his era, Edison struggled to perfect a system of practical electrical home lighting. He experimented

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1685 words - 7 pages Graham Bell. As head of this committee, I will hereby make an argument to support my choice for this award. Though many may not agree, I believe this choice is for the best of people and for the inventor himself. As I mentioned earlier, the decision I have made for this award is, Thomas Alva Edison. Throughout the course of this event, I have witnessed many accounts of remarkable inventions that have surprised me in many different ways. As we

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1091 words - 5 pages listen to the same song per set of speakers. Also, bring different types; classical, jazz, blues, rap, and 80's; whatever. Forget what the salesman says. Just remember, your ears won't deceive you. Figure out what sounds the best to you, then slap your credit card down and lets' go home and listen to some music. After you've placed your speakers, hooked up your receiver, connected your compact disc player, and put your couch or music chair in

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663 words - 3 pages Format a CD or DVD Windows 7  Before you can burn files to a CD, DVD, or Bluray Disc, the disc must first be prepared using a process called formatting. There are several ways to format a disc. Your choice of format determines which computers and other devices will be able to read the disc. 1. Insert a recordable or rewritable disc into your computer's CD, DVD, or Bluray Disc burner. 2. In the AutoPlay dialog box that appears, click Burn files

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1911 words - 8 pages developing along lines that serve their interests best, and all want to dictate the standards for the next generation of compact disc. The technical specifications of the format are primarily chosen based upon what patents are owned by whom, not on technical superiority, and the decisions made by the DVD Forum are as rife with mutual back-scratching and calling in of favors as those of a Senate subcommittee. As a result, the technical

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599 words - 3 pages climates and storms, transport to alternate dimensions, back in time, and even different planets. What we know as virtual reality can include video game and other simulations. However, when I was just a sprout what I knew as virtual reality was the Viewmaster toy, those little red plastic devices you held up to your face (in good lighting of course) like binoculars, and shuffled through a circular disc containing a dozen images that made it seem that

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1101 words - 5 pages )NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)More recent acronyms include the following:CD (Compact Disc)Dvd (Digital video disc)SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)ReferencesFromkin, V., Blair, D., & Collins, P. (2000). An Introduction to Language (4th ed.). Marrickville, NSW: Harcourt.Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (10th Ed.). (1993). Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster.Methods of Word Formation. (n.d.). Retrieved May 20, 2004 from

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1536 words - 7 pages Free the cinema and post-cinema aspects as well. Cinemas now have features like THX or Dolby surround sound, enhancing the cinematic experience, and the IMAX 3D projection system, which has two camera lenses to project two different images simultaneously, simulating a 3d effect, which results in an extremely immersive and engaging experience for the viewer.In post-cinema, new digital formats like the laser disc, video compact disc and the digital video

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2466 words - 10 pages American Musicological Society 67, no. 1 (2014): 77-124, doi:10.1525/jams.2014.67.1.77., 77-79. 13 Nicholas Mathew, The Three “Razumovsky” Quartets, Op. 59. The Middle String Quartets. Cypress String Quartet. Liner Notes., Compact disc. (California: Avie Records, 2014), 3. 19, see Example 3), exuberantly opening the overall tone for the high energy contrapuntal treatment that peppers the rest of the movement – the passing of the theme between first

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285 words - 2 pages more specialised sales channel but only carry limited amount of stock. Though, costs of processing, e.g. for delivery an administration are relatively higher for smaller orders. Department stores will buy centrally but may want disc outs if they order in bulk, which reduces their profitability. Ultimately, its own stores would give it the best return as builds the brand the strongest with a high customer loyalty. 5. Both Ben Sherman and Paul Smith are originated from the UK and target a younger male target market, both brands have individuality and priced at a high price point for quality.

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284 words - 2 pages , he discovered the equivalence between mechanical work and amounts of heat in his well known "paddle-wheel experiment". Not only was James Joule a researcher, but an inventor. Many things he discovered go into new technologies and devices today. Today, he is recognized for electrical welding and the displacement pump. Towards the end of his life, around 1875, he ran out of money doing his experiments, because he paid for most of them. Shortly after that, he became ill and died. In his honor, a unit of energy, the Joule, was named after him.

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1012 words - 5 pages Historians believe that one of the greatest pioneers in the birth of automation,American inventor, pioneer, mechanical engineer, and manufacturer Eli Whitney. Bestremembered as the inventor of the cotton gin. He made his first violin when he was only12. Eli started college when he was 23, in 1788. He left for Georgia and got his first lookat cotton business. He graduated from Yale in 1792, and went to Savannah, Georgia toteach and study law

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1406 words - 6 pages produces an interference pattern. How far apart are the bright fringes on the screen? (3.2 cm) 7. The wavelength of a laser beam used in a compact disc player is 790 nm. Suppose that a diffraction grating produces first-order tracking beams which are 1.20 mm apart at a distance of 3.00 mm from the grating. Estimate the spacing between the slits of the grating. (2.13 x 10-6 m) 8. Monochromatic light with a frequency of 5.50 x 1014 Hz is directed

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544 words - 3 pages Free world war, he moved throughout the Midwest being in place of those people that had gone to war. In is his spare time he studied and experimented with the telegraph becoming used to electrical science. Edison turned to a full inventor when he made a stock ticker and was bought for 40,000 dollars in 1869. In 1871 Edison married 16-year-old Mary Stilwell and they had three children, Marion, Thomas and William. In 1884, Mary passed away of a

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427 words - 2 pages Free Aatmaj Dasondi 9G Electric Eels Electric eels generate their killer and large voltages by its highly specialized nervous system that has the capability to synchronise the activity of disc-shaped, electricity-producing cells packed into a specialized electric organ. It activates the electrical impulse when in danger by the nervous system through a command nucleus which decides when the electric organ will fire based on the given situation of the