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Investigation Essay

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Alifiya.ZH00201765Is social media marketing beneficial for business ?Social media is the technology that connects people by means of communication , to build relationships with the consumers and attract new consumers . Social media marketing has changed the lives of many producers who wish to do business on a larger scale . It is a way where consumers and sellers communicate through the exchange process . Social marketing media is also known as 'technology' in today's world. The rise in popularity of social media has encouraged producers and consumers to buy and sell products in an easy and convenient way . Social media includes various examples like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, and ...view middle of the document...

Therefore increases brand recognition . To improve the brand loyalty of a certain product , companies take advantage of the tools of social media which give them the opportunity to communicate with the respective consumers. It also enjoys higher loyalty form their customers. According to the study of convince and convert "A strategic and open social media plan could prove influential in morphing consumers into being brand loyal". As social media is the main ingredient for advertising a product , every connection / interaction with the consumers is an opportunity to enrich you relationship with you consumer and demonstrate consumer services levels. For example , if a customer complains about a certain product on a social media site then the producer can take immediate action , apologize, clear the doubts of the consumers and recommend consumers of additional products . It's a personal experience that lets consumers know that you care . This shows how efficient your consumers are . Producers should have a deep insight of the taste , preferences and buying habits of the consumers via social listening . The producers need to divide the groups of consumers and gain feedback . According to an article " at 82 million people , Generation Y is the most influential generation for retailers...

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339 words - 2 pages ("Canaletto") called The Grand Tour. My first look at the painting was just a glance but that was enough for the painting and me to connect and make me turn around for more thorough investigation. The Grand Tour is a spectacular piece that shows a view from Fondamenta Nuove looking toward San Cristoforo, San Michele, and Murano; it was also the piece I was looking for.. The artwork is portrayed on oil on canvas that adds a shinning look to it

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