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Alifiya.ZH00201765Is social media marketing beneficial for business ?Social media is the technology that connects people by means of communication , to build relationships with the consumers and attract new consumers . Social media marketing has changed the lives of many producers who wish to do business on a larger scale . It is a way where consumers and sellers communicate through the exchange process . Social marketing media is also known as 'technology' in today's world. The rise in popularity of social media has encouraged producers and consumers to buy and sell products in an easy and convenient way . Social media includes various examples like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, ...view middle of the document...

Therefore increases brand recognition . To improve the brand loyalty of a certain product , companies take advantage of the tools of social media which give them the opportunity to communicate with the respective consumers. It also enjoys higher loyalty form their customers. According to the study of convince and convert "A strategic and open social media plan could prove influential in morphing consumers into being brand loyal". As social media is the main ingredient for advertising a product , every connection / interaction with the consumers is an opportunity to enrich you relationship with you consumer and demonstrate consumer services levels. For example , if a customer complains about a certain product on a social media site then the producer can take immediate action , apologize, clear the doubts of the consumers and recommend consumers of additional products . It's a personal experience that lets consumers know that you care . This shows how efficient your consumers are . Producers should have a deep insight of the taste , preferences and buying habits of the consumers via social listening . The producers need to divide the groups of consumers and gain feedback . According to an article " at 82 million people , Generation Y is the most influential generation for retail...


Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide - Scotch College - Investigation

2344 words - 10 pages The Effect of Temperature on a Catalytic Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide 2018 Contents: Introduction 3 Hypothesis 3 Variables 3 Experimental Plan 4 Results 5 Data Processing 6 Discussion 7 Conclusion 8 Evaluation 8 Introduction: The aim of this investigation is to analyze the effects different reaction temperatures have on reaction rates and the relationship that exists

Career Investigation Assignment - SFA - Research Paper

729 words - 3 pages Career Investigation Assignment 2 Career Investigation Assignment Ariana Thomas HMS- 146 February 15, 2019 Child Life Specialist Child life specialist help children and families understand and cope with a child’s hospital experience. Hospitals can be frightening for children and families that are in hospitals, but it is a child life specialist job to ease the experience. In order to do this, they help the children express themselves and

An Investigation about Titration being used in Vinegar - Assignment

501 words - 3 pages Free Anthony Vitiello Doctor Murphy 5/17/18 Chemistry (H) The Investigation about Titration being used in Vinegar Objective: To find out how much acetic acid is in vinegar When the concentration of an acid is unknown, a titrant of the known concentration is used. The titrant is usually added, drop by drop, into the acid until it is completely neutralized by the base. What this experiment will test is the concentration of the acid. What will be tested

Principles of Forensic Investigation - griffith uni/principles - Report Laboratory

485 words - 2 pages Principles of Forensic Investigation Laboratories Monday Wk4 30/07/18 Presumptive Tests On the 2nd of June 2018, the owner of a pharmacist shop had discovered a window at the back of the pharmacy had been broken and the lock had been tampered with and several vials of medical had been stolen. Police were alerted and found evidence of a red substance located on the broken window, was collected for analysis. CCTV footage had identified four men

Artist investigation Hayley Walsh - PMACS, Art year 11 - Essay

841 words - 4 pages Artist Investigation Task: TASK A: SUBJECT- The focal point of this entire painting is the big blue bird in the foreground of this painting. The message the artist was trying to convey to the viewers was that the bigger bird was “Watching and waiting” for someone/something else. It creates the idea or concept that the bird is lonely and is only accompanied by the few little birds in the forest. Hayley Welsh uses acrylic paints on top of found

Individual's DNA collection in cours of investigation - Human Rights - Essay

3225 words - 13 pages Free If, in the course of their investigation of crime, the police obtain an individual’s DNA profile why, if at all, does the retention by the state of that profile constitute an interference with the individual’s privacy, and on what basis should it be retained on a national database of such profiles? The UK National DNA Database (NDNAD) has been implemented in 1995 and is today the oldest and today one of the most important DNA database in the

What is important in scientific investigation? - UCI bio 199 - research paper

920 words - 4 pages Nazanin Rahat Term paper, Bio 199 Longhurst/Malik lab What is important in scientific investigation? Scientific researches aim to gather all the observations, hypothesis, experiments, knowledge and data together in order to first identify the relationships and, second …mechanisms and third create new solutions to the exciting problem. The role of scientific investigation and experiment is to transform the theoretical ideas into practical and

Quebec votes 'non' to separation - st robert chs history class - historical investigation

2226 words - 9 pages influence of those around him. There is also no other view provided other than Ragan’s own view. Finally, the article does not provide any information surrounding the other areas affected by the separation as it only discusses the economic effects. Liu 3 Investigation Many Canadians were shocked when the results of the Quebec referendum came back as “Non”. Quebecers have always held a strong desire to be “maitres chez-nous” , but it comes at a 1

The Tragic Sinking Of The SS Edmund Fitzgerald: The Investigation Continues

3432 words - 14 pages Free Turner 8Jacob E. TurnerProfessor Jaqueline JusticeGSW 11203 July 2014The Tragic Sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald: The Investigation ContinuesMany people know of shipwrecks such as the Titanic, yet not many people know about the massive freighter, SS Edmund Fitzgerald, which sank in Lake Superior. Though some people say that no one will ever know what truly happened due to no distress or radio signals having been reported when the ship went

Assess the effectiveness of the criminal investigation process as a means of achieving justice - Legal Studies - Essay

947 words - 4 pages Free Assess the effectiveness of the criminal investigation process as a means of achieving justice The criminal investigation attempts to achieve justice through investigative and arrest procedures, but these may not always be effective in achieving justice due to an abuse of police powers, issues mitigating the reporting of crime, and issues surrounding the bail and remand of accused individuals. These issues hinder the achievement of rights of the

The Strength of the Japanese Navy during World War II - St. Robert CHS/Grade 10 - Historical Investigation

2008 words - 9 pages Alan Chen  R. Wood  CHC2D7  May 25, 2018  Historical Investigation: The threat of the Imperial Navy to Canada during World  War II  Section 1: Identification and Evaluation of Sources  This historical investigation focuses on the question: How much of a threat was the Imperial Japanese Navy to  Canada over the course of World War II. The Imperial Japanese Navy in the Pacific War, “Canada’s History: Pacific  War” are the two sources used in this

Investigation for a required practical - biology - biology

491 words - 2 pages · The Effect of Temperature on Cell Membranes By Stephanie Chandler; Updated March 13, 2018 toeytoey2530/iStock/GettyImages A membrane surrounds every living cell, keeping the cell's interior separated and protected from the outside world. Many factors affect how this membrane behaves and temperature is one of the most important. Temperature helps determine what can enter or leave the cell and how well molecules found within the membrane can

An Investigation Into The Language Of Men And Women

1657 words - 7 pages Free Through years men and women are considered to be people from different planets. They behave differently; have different habits, world's perceptions and ways of communication. Gender distinction plays, probably, the most significant role in the way of thinking of an individual - men's way of thinking greatly differs from women's. Therefore, since language performance is a purposeful reflection of one's power of apprehension, the manner of speech

Linear Equations Investigation, Year 9 Maths 2018 - Year 9 - Report

1138 words - 5 pages Part A Getting started with Geogebra Step 1 Download GeoGebra program from the Mathematics group from the Self Service App onto your ipad. Step 2 Open Geogebra – you should get a screen on your Ipad that looks like this: Step 3 Click on ‘Create your own’ Algebra file. Step 4 Click on the MENU button on the top right hand side of the screen and click on ‘Save’. NOTE: If you have not used GeoGebra before, you will need to create an account. Use

Math 30-2, Investigation assignment - Bellerose, Math 30-2 - Worksheet

466 words - 2 pages Math 30-2 Unit 5: Polynomial Functions Assessment for Learning Questions Unit 5 Lesson 1: Exploring the Graphs of Polynomial Functions -- (It is extremely important that you read the notes in lesson 1 to review concepts needed to work through these investigations) 1. Investigating the Graphs of Constant Functions Use technology to graph the constant functions below. Determine the following characteristics for each function and complete the