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In Iran air the national air line was founded in 1962

In Iran air the national air line was founded in 1962. The purpose is to examine Iran concerning 5 topics. The Government of Iran will be defined. The food of Iran will be introduced; you will find it to be very interesting. The History of Iran will be analyzed in many true facts. The religions of Iran will be discovered. In conclusion I will compare and contrast the United States of America to Iran.

The Government of Iran is parliament. Parliament is elected officials vote for there leader. The name Iran has been in use natively since the Sassandid period, and came into international use form 1935.Both Persia and Iran are used interchangeable in cultural context. However, Iran is the name used officially impolitic use.

It is believed that rice was brought to Iran form the southeast, Asia or the Indian subcontinent in ancient times. National beverage of Iran is sweet clear tea. Special Herbal teas called Tisanes used for a variety of medical "cures" steeped from flowers such as roses violets, jasmine, and chromate. For generations, Iranians have been eating various fruits vegetables and herbs; for their health benefits that have only recently been discovered in other parts of the world. For example onions, pomegranate, and sabzijat. When fresh fruits are not available they eat a large variety of fruits such as figs apricots, and peaches.

The history of Iran has been interred wined to the history of a larger historical region which is called Greater Iran. This consists of the area from the Euphrates in the west to the Indus River and the Jaxartes. The Persian Empire began in the Iron Age. Also, the Iranian plateau participated in the wider Ancient Neat East with Islam, from the Early Bronze Adge. Following the influs or Iranians which gave rise to the Median, Achaemenid, the Parthian, and the Sassandid Dynasties during the classical antiquity.

Transportation in Iran is cheap because of the Governments subsidization of the price of gasoline. In 2008 more that one million people worked at the transportation sector in Iran, accounting for nine percent of GDP(gross domestic product).Iran has a long paved road connecting to most of its of ...


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