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Iris Essay

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The movie Iris stars the character Iris Murdoch, who is a Professor of Philosophy and an author of many novels. Her husband John Bayley, who is a Professor of Literature, notices a sudden change in Iris' health and he decides to get an examination which later on reveals that Iris suffers from Alzheimer's disease. As Iris' memory fades away, her husband desperately tries everything he can to help her cope with Alzheimer's disease. The acting in Iris was remarkable in the way both actors of Iris and her husband both matched their past and present characters. The music that is featured in Iris goes along with the story and plays a huge role in helping the viewers feel the emotions of the characters. With a very believable storyline, Iris has the momentum to entertain people of all ages. This is a very good movie because of the acting, the music, and the storyline. The acting that took place in Iris was astounding because it portrayed both Iris and her ...view middle of the document...

Iris has a good storyline because it makes the audience think of what is happening to Iris, and gives them a reason to think about the reality of the movie. The storyline of Iris showed a very powerful and emotional experience in how it actually takes a real life struggle and turns it into a gracious portrayal of a situation that can happen to most people as they age. The film shows how her personality developed from her being very young and restless to a woman who is having trouble even remembering her surroundings. The story really grabs a hold of the audience's heart as we see John put everything he has on the line to help Iris in her struggle with Alzheimer's disease. The music in Iris was always able to set the mood and played a key role in helping the audience get the feel of what was happening during certain scenes of the movie. Music is a very important element in the way you want your viewers to feel during that section of the film. Having the appropriate music playing during most of the scenes helped Iris become such a great movie to follow. During the younger years of Iris Murdoch's life, the music that was played was very upbeat and gave the audience a glimpse of how Iris was a very outgoing person. When Alzheimer's disease started wearing down Iris, the music was usually slow and dramatic at some points when Iris had got herself into trouble. The music always matched the screenplay which showed how Iris and the rest of the characters were truly feeling inside. Iris is a great movie because it shows how the health of one person can affect loved ones in both a positive and negative way. Throughout the movie we see how a very healthy person can develop Alzheimer's disease and slowly start forgetting the things that were very common to the person before they developed the disease. Although Iris' health did not get any better by the end of the movie, her husband John Bayley found a way to cope with her and understand how much he actually cares for Iris. The storyline interacts with both the acting and the music in a way where it ties them all together to give a powerful, clear message to the audience which will leave most breathless. The acting, storyline, and the music in Iris are the things that stand out and make Iris such a great movie.

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