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Michael Oher is a teenager boy without a home. He has a good heart, but his family is unreliable and his neighborhood is not safe. He catches the eye of the Tuohy family one day when he was walking in the middle of the night, in the rain, all alone and not knowing what to do with his life. The tuohys take Michael into their family, provide him with shelter, clothes, and love. They Encourage and support him. Michael then starts playing football at the school and quickly excels. When he is recruited by universitys, an NCAA representative finds it suspicious that Michael has chosen to attend the school preferred by the Tuohys. The agent then asks micheal why would the Tuohys have cared so much for Him and try and influence his decision. This rattles Michael and then runs away from the tuohys back to his gansterism past.
Adoption is defined as the “process of providing parents for children and children for families when birth parents are unwilling or unable to care for their child or children.” Adoption has been practiced throughout history. Lately adoption has been used to solve many problems the children or children’s guardians are in. Adoption had only begun from 1941 and by 1970; 175000 children were adopted in the United States. Adoption affects three groups : the children, the adoptive parents and the birth parents All of them have much to learn and gain through this sensitive process called adoption.
Adoption allows the lives of many children to be transformed into something better. “Adoption offers children who are orphaned, abandoned, neglected, abused, or unwanted a chance to live in a stable, loving environment.” The adoptive parent-child union looks extremely long and investigates at the adoptive parents, due to them basically having the responsibility of another life, the adoptive parents also have to provide a needy child with love, a home, and care for them as the Tuohys did with micheal Oher, the tuohys gave Michael a better life he deserved ; cared for him and allowed him to do want he wanted and express himself in sports and extra activities.
The Tuohy family is really excellent and embrace Michael and do not abandon him when difficulties strike. Michael is the driver in an accident that injures SJ(tuohys real son) but they worry about Michael and show that they care for him. Once Mrs. Tuohy’s friends were arguing with Mrs. Tuohy that michael was a mistake and embaresmentto her family, but Mrs. Tuohy challenges her friends and defend micheal and says, “I don’t need you to approve my choices, but I need you to respect them. I can leave if you don’t.”She also includes micheal in their family Christmas card. The Tuohys also try to learn about Michaels past and interests. This shows she cares about him. Also, SJ, the youngest child in the family, introduces Michael as “my big brother.” This also shows Michael is treated as a equal and is like one of their own and enjoys it with his new family.
Adoption has not only changed Michaels life for the best by giving him an opportunity in school and sport but also caring and loving for him. Michael is now the big brother in the family, he is the protecter he is changing the families lives in a big way. And Leigh Anne says so to one of her rich well known friends
“You’re doing so great, changing that boy’s life.” She stated
Leigh Anne responds, “No; he’s changing mine.”


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