Is Alien Life Real Inside The Milky Way? West Research Paper

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In 2014 the Royal Astronomical Society detected a short burst of radio waves for ten
seconds that put out more energy in a few milliseconds than the Sun does in 24 hours.
Explanation Many people think that alien life is not real but many people also think they are real
I’m here to explain how they are real.
Thesis Aliens do exist because there are livable conditions on a moon orbiting around Saturn,
there are millions of other Earth like planets in the Milky Way, and we have received radio
waves through space.
In a few milliseconds we found that there was a radio wave that put out more energy
than our Sun does in 24 hours and that is only possible with highly advanced technology.
“The importance of the discovery was recognized very quickly and we were all working very
excitedly to contact other astronomers and telescopes around the world to look at the location of
the burst.”(Bonner 1)
Radio waves are made by an explosion of a star like all other types of electromagnetic waves
are but not as many are made and they are the weakest of waves produced. This means
someone/thing was making the radio waves by a machine like a cell tower does that makes your
phone work.
“It also allows researchers to paint a clearer picture of what conditions are like in an incredibly
distant corner of the universe.” (Drake 2)
This picture that they are ‘painting’ could mean alien life because this is more radio waves
given off than our Sun. This could also mean that there are aliens that are much more advanced if
they can get radio waves three billion light years away to our planet.
All of this being said that means that they would be far more advanced because they would
have had to send the radio burst three billion years ago. That’s only 1.5 billion years after the
Earth was formed and before humans evolved into ourselves.
Could alien life be found in our solar system? Recent studies say yes.
“Enceladus may boast ideal living conditions for single celled microorganisms known as
archaeans found in some of the most extreme environments on Earth.”(? 2)
Even though the life may be single celled organisms that is still life it may not be intelligent
but it still is life. Humans began off as single celled organisms too and look how we have
“On Earth, this type of archaean is found at very hot temperatures near deep sea hydrothermal
vents, and converts carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas into methane. Traces of methane were
previously detected in vapour emanating from cracks in Enceladus' surface.” (? 2)
This being said means that there are possibly these archaean are already on the moon that is
orbiting around Saturn. This also means that they could evolve into an intelligent life form that
can withstand those temperatures.
With the archaeans being evolved in the freezing...

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