Is Animal Euthanasia Neccessary? Dunbar High School / Avid 3 Argumentative Essay

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Animal Euthanasia
Animal euthanasia is the act of putting an animal to death or allowing it to die by withholding extreme medical measures. We as a group have come to conclusion that these measurements are extremely unnecessary and cruel. We have researched that animal euthanasia is legal in all 50 states though some euthanasia methods are illegal in certain states. Shelters claim they have tried to reduce the amount of euthanasia that occurs at their facilities after the shocking discovery that about 15 million animals had been euthanized since 1970, they improved the number tremendously by 2013 only having 3.1 million animals euthanized whether it be because they are sick or just were not adopted in the amount of time the shelter saw fit. We have found a couple of great alternatives for euthanization such as spacing issues and the care that is given to the animals themselves, these alternatives are already implemented in a couple other countries and they seem to work out perfectly so we are hoping it could be a possible solution for the shelters in our country. This topic tends to rally up controversy, especially within the vegan community and peta supporters, it can be hard for people to see the other sides reasoning at times but coming out with the information that we found we could understand why maybe people think euthanasia is the answer to possible animal overpopulation but most of us still believe it is morally wrong and could be handled differently. It is a bit hard to turn a blind eye to all the harm euthanasia does to living creatures but seeing some good points people for euthanasia made does help you to be a little more open minded about euthanasia being the absolute last option.
What we know
We decided to research this topic due to vital importance to our moral standards. This view opposes kill shelters. They are unsanitary and mentally, often being physically stressful for the animals. The treatment of potential pets is often inhumane and malnourishing. We grasp the fact that overpopulation can occur. It would be an unhealthy, densified population. Yet we believe that there are methods hosting increased efficiency and consideration treatments available for these furry friends. We would like to learn how other countries respond to these situations. In addition to identifying how much effort the U.S itself is applying. In addition, what we would like to learn would like to know if there are any other alternative methods instead on euthanasia. If low income families could even afford euthanasia considering there monthly income. Also how can we measure the success of sheltering practices in this country? Last of all would have to be why is euthanasia seen fit for animals as an everyday occurrence but for humans it’s a different story?
The search process
As we were researching this topic we came across a quote ¨the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way animals are treated¨. Financial...

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