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Is Daycare A Viable Option Essay

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Is Daycare A Viable Alternative Young families today face many tough decisions. Financially it is almost imperative that both adult members of the family work. With this a reality can one rest assured that their children are being taken care of properly? Health, socialization, and morals are just a few things that influence the decision that one has to make as to whether or not to place children in daycare centers. When children are put into daycare centers many health concerns can arise. These health concerns can be as minor as a cold or as severe as a life threatening disease. Exposure to many other children from many different families greatly increases the odds a child ...view middle of the document...

Going shopping, paying bills, doing the family errands, and chores teach children the many tasks that make the family a social unit. Children can meet and socialize with other children at such places as Sunday School, story times, etc. Children like adults learn to adapt or adjust to the circumstances they find themselves in naturally. An enormous amount of responsibility is left for daycare workers to discipline the children left in their care, as well as dramatically affecting their moral development. Children will always do mischievous things to see what they can get away with. When many young children are together it is only reasonable to expect some degree of unruly behavior. When disciplinary problems arise, regardless of what parents may desire, daycare workers must address the situation and follow through with consequences. Problems arise when discipline at home is drastically different from discipline at daycare that can lead to confusion for the child. However, children raised at home under the...

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