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Education is basically a human right. It can be changed, based on what people can actually learn. Education can open up doors that nothing else can. Every single person needs education in order to advance in the world and every single individual is entitled to an education. Education is one of the most important investments an individual can make for their future. It plays a key role in social and economic development. It should be our top priority. Not only is education important to teachers or parents, but to our children as well. We should commit to our children to help fulfill their right to have an education.
I absolutely agree that education is a basic human right. What is your position on equality in education? Do you believe that lower income families are afforded the same educational rights as those with higher income levels? Brown v. Board of Education lead the way to equal education for black and white students, but do you feel that there is true equality today? I currently have a special needs child that I have been fighting to get the system to better help, however; without the money to send him to private schools or provide private tutoring, they are basically walking him through the grades without any true education. While I believe the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 had really good intentions, I think the pressure for schools to perform at testing time took away from what it was supposed to accomplish. What are your thoughts on the No Child Left Behind Act and how it's evolved over the years?
Thank you and I look forward to hearing more on your topic.
The way I feel about the No Child left behind is exactly what it says, no child should get left behind. The No Child Left Behind act may have some effects on children, for example, the way each child is taught. Your school should have a plan of any educational gaps with different group of students. If any student is lagging in a specific subject, the school should have a plan designed to help that student succeed. Give that child extra time and attention to learn at their own pace. Regardless of what type of needs any child has, that child should not be treated any different than the others. It does not matter what age, gender, or race that child is, every child should...

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