Is Healthcare A Fundametal Right? Assignment

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Is Healthcare a Fundamental Right? 1.
● Young people who don't have jobs deserve health care ● Everyone deserves to live ● Everyone should have a right to basic health care ● Everyone should have access to healthcare ● Health Care should be more affordable
2. ● Everyone should have access to health care but not the right to it ● Healthcare is not in the Constitution ● Some people could overuse the health care given by the government ● The government shouldn't have to take care of you ● There could be a shortage of doctors if healthcare is a right
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I also think that if health care was ever a right like in Canada, the doctors salary would go down. In Britain and Canada, where there is a universal right to health care, physicians have incomes 30% lower than US doctors. Doctors work hard and study for years to become a doctor and I think it's unfair for doctors to get paid less than what they have worked for. There could also be a shortage of doctors. In the United Kingdom, which has a right to health care, a 2002 study by the British National Health Service found that it was "critically short of doctors and nurses."As of 2013 the United Kingdom had 2.71 practicing doctors for every 1,000 people . If people are provided a right to health care some people may over use that right. If healthcare was a right then some people could overuse the healthcare system by going to the doctor more often as they would if it wasn't a right. People should only get health care if they need not not if they want it. 1975, people living in poverty who were placed on Medicaid saw physicians 18% more often than people who were not on Medicaid. Even though I think health care shouldn't be a right, I think that healthcare should be more affordable to people with lower incomes, just like there is a "free or reduced lunch" at schools for families with lower incomes and may not be able to pay for lunch at school. I think

it's the same idea, people should have access to healthcare and health care should be affordable but not a right.


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