Is Lying Important And How Does It Connect With The Story Crucible Valley Forge High School English Class 11th Grade Essay

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I do believe as a young teenager lying can be important for individuals and some situations, for
example I’m pretty sure most teenagers have lied to there parents at one point. Everything
relies upon what your lying for. it could be an advantage or a disadvantage. In the Crucible
Abigail in the book does lies commonly in the book. She deceives her uncle about what
occurred in the woods. She lies commonly to attempt and ensure herself and improve the way
she looks to other people. She’s trying just to make her self look like a better person. In the
book Abigail also lies about the relationship she’s in. So throughout the book Abigail seems to
lie commonly.
I do believe that lying is way worse than we think it just can cause numerous issues. There can
be issues that Lead to worse then just telling the truth for example do you think lying to the
police would make the situation better? Lying can make much more
Harm than we think. It can make somebody to turn on a friend or anyone and cause bits of
gossip to be spread and that would make even worse problems. In the book, Abigail lied since
she didn’t tell anyone what she did with with John. She had a affair with John and lied about it.
Abigail blames Elizabeth for being a witch and just because she was blamed she could have got
Elizabeth killed. She blamed her so she could try to cover her self
Abigail even still has feelings for John and she will attempt and do anything to recover his love
for her back. Abigail knows what she’s doing is very wrong and she knows the consequences
and she even realizes that by blaming that Elizabeth is a witch could get her killed. Abigail at
this point is only lying to make her self look better and make it seem like she’s the good one. In
my opinion I think lying should never be used especially in a situation that could get someone
All thought the book all I have noticed is mostly Abigail lies. She lies numerous all through the
book. Abigail knows that what she is doing is wrong and she could get in bigger trouble for
telling lies then the truth. Thats why I think lying can be u...


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