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Mustafa Sa’eed vs The nameless narrator
The title of the story basically awakens in the order of its nature, of the characters which the author Tayeb Salih drags the exaggerates the unpredictable. In the begging of the novel you’ll notice a speech connecting to Mustafa’s life before going back to the narrator point of view. In this paper, I will talk two characters out out this novel. Which is the unnamed Narrator and Mustafa Sa’eed to recognize if they are the same person or not? In that situation, I’m looking for a text from the novel that provides eerie facts to prove my choice weather if the Narrator and Mustafa are the same people or not.
In the reading of the novel Season of Migration to the North, there are two characters that will confuse you debating they are one person or two people. Basically, both characters are working in the same direction but somewhat opposite .They are two educated men who came from Sudan to study in England, That two had met inside their village. The narrator who was an unknown and nameless throughout the story and the leading character Mustafa seem to be each other opposite, but yet they crossover confusing in different spots of the novel to have you think; is this person talking to himself or is an actual an unnamed person. In the beginning, Mustafa felt like a stranger to the village, and the narrator was lacking stability which made him the native who feels like a stranger upon his people. “ It was gentleman after a long absence-seven year to be exact during which me I was studying in Europe-that I returned to my people “. Even though the narrator claims that his connection with the other people in the village. Mufasa feels like an outcast person growing up in the village during his childhood unlike the narrator. “Suddenly I recollected having seen a face I did not know among those who had been there to meet me. I asked him, describe him to them,... “ that would be Mustafa, Said father “. He ( the narrator) still He still has made himself not concerned about what is happening around to Mustafa’s irritating presence.
Also, along these...

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