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Is Seeing Believing Answering The Long Anticipated Question Cn W Believ What We See Philosophy, University Of Nottingham Essay

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Baseline Assessment- Raqeebat Lekuti (Group A)
Is Seeing Believing?.
Seeing is believing is an idiom first used in 1639 that means "only physical or concrete evidence is convincing. – (Cambridge-Dictionary) Many people disagree with this quote and the quote ”seeing is not believing. It is only seeing”(-Grace Mcdonald ) Is dominating.
In my opinion, to see is not always right to believe. Us as humans actually have no proof that anything we see is actually there . Our mind/ eyes are easily deceived by optical illusions . As neurophysiologists prove optical illusions trick our eye bye affecting half of our brain to to make an illusion work and because our brains are slow they give off differrent waves of colour or dmensions that would make the illusion seem like what it is we see. So if our brains are easily fooled by illusions what gives anybody the assurance that what we see is actually real? Could everything just be an illusion ?
Although the world may not be an illusion , there are futher , more dependable reasons as to why what we see isn’t always believable . Did you know that the eyes presents anything it “sees” to the brain upside down meaning that the brain flips the image 180° which could cause many alterations in what the eye actually saw.
However, our eyes aren’t...

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