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Year 8 SEAL – Assessment Task – Experimental Process
Part 1: Introduction
The experiment that is being conducted is about acid + metal. When an acid and a metal react with each other they normally produce salt and hydrogen gas. The amount of salt is produced according to the acid and metal being tested. The interaction between a metal and its environment is called corrosion. In this experiment the acid that is used is Hydrochloric Acid and the metal which is tested is Magnesium. When these are being tested Magnesium chloride and hydrogen gas is going to be produced. The research question for the experiment being conducted is “Does the amount of magnesium effect the amount of gas produced?”. The aim of this experiment is to identify that if the amount of metal effects how much gas being produced. The hypothesis of the practical being conducted is, if magnesium reacts with hydrochloric acid then hydrogen gas is formed because if acid and metal react, hydrogen gas + salt would be formed. The variables in this experiment is hydrochloric acid and magnesium.
Independent Variable
Dependent Variable
Controlled Variable
Independent variable in the experiment is the amount of magnesium ribbon being added to HCl.
Dependent Variable in the experiment is the amount of gas being formed.
Controlled Variable in the experiment is Hydrochloric acid.
Part 2: Methodology
1. Collect all the materials that are being needed.
2. Use a test tube rack and place a test tube in it, pour 10ml of HCl into the test tube.
3. Add 1cm of magnesium ribbon in into the test tube.
4. Leave the solution for about five minutes and watch what happens.
5. Record your results.
6. Pour the solution into the waste bin and wash and dry your test tubes.
7. Use another test tube and again pour 10ml of HCl and add 2cm of magnesium ribbon.
8. Leave the solution for about five minutes and watch what happens
9. Record your results.
10. Pour the solution into the waste bin and wash and dry your test tubes.
11. Use a new test tube...

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